Things Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe

  • Sumo

Fashion or being fashionable generally refers to the ability to appropriately fit into a scene and also being able to look at your best in each and every given situation. While many people tend to limit fashion to items of clothing, fashion can refer to many other things such as pets, cars, and pets and just about everything else you can think about.

What every woman must have in her wardrobe?


Metallic Shades:

Many catwalks have already been dominated by high voltage metallic shades which are a clear indication of the direction things are going. The good news is that you will look stunning with them in any size or shape. This includes metallic blazers, tanks, skirts and dresses and the best part of it is that mixing them with anything else is not such a big deal. You may want to try a metallic blazer with some denim jeans and a t-shirt as well as some resin jewelry to complete the picture. Ladies will do pretty well with metallic skirts with some bow tie blouse and peep toe shoes for that glamorous look.


The always present denim jeans will still be savvy this year and especially the skinny jeans which have a way of flattering different body sizes and shapes so long as someone knows what type of top to put on. Some of the tops you will want to consider include tuxedo blazers and long tanks, silk tunics and any flowing blouses. Skinny jeans always look astounding when they are worn with loose tops that reach just below the hips. You should be able to try creating a hip silhouette with your dark wash jeans worn with tank top and a pair of leather pumps without forgetting a hot handbag to complete that glamorous look.


If you love wearing skirts then remember to get yourself some hot pleated skirts and especially those that fall just below the knee. Apart from being among sexy costumes, they can literally be worn during any season. During summer you can wear your pleated skirt with beach sandals and a sleeveless blouse while during winter some chic stockings will shore up your pleated skirt. It will be a good idea to try wearing some cashmere sweater on a ruffled collar blouse, knee high boots and stockings to compliment your pleated skirt during those cold winter months.

Customized jewelry:

It is extremely easy for one to create budget friendly customized jewelry which can also be unique and individualized. The current craze is all about bulk and it appears that the bolder it is the better; colorful necklaces and bracelets will do well with dangling charms and pendants.

Handmade jewelry:

You can very easily creating a stunning look with handmade jewelry which can include wire wrapped and beaded jewelry and it can be sued to create an individualized character for your wardrobe.
Mix and match sets: The advantage of mix and match sets is that they can be presented in different unique styles and outfits. It is possible to get what goes with your personal style and this makes it possible for anyone to create a customized appearance depending on your imagination. Try and get mix and match sets of watches, necklaces, earrings and pendants.

Eco friendly jewelry:

The entire planet and all its systems are going green and jewelry should not be an exception. Many designers are now creating ‘green’ jewelry through the use of recycled materials which make sure that while you remain fashion conscious you don’t destroy the environment.

Whether you are talking about skinny jeans, animal prints or gladiator sandals, fashion trends seem to be here to stay and they keep on changing faster than anyone can ever imagine. Most people wonder where all those bizarre and strange ideas emanate from but when all is said and done, fashion trends dictate the way many things are done and they also dictate people’s appearances.