The Timeless Gift of Glass – As Cherished as it Ever Was

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The thing about glassware in terms of a gift item is that it can be every bit as special or uninspiring as you want it to be. Anyone can go to a store and buy a six-pack of glass tumblers to be offered as a gift, but more often than not it ends up being about as exciting for the recipient as a glass of tepid water. And the reason is a simple one – glassware can be truly inspirational and near-magical, or it can be run-of-the-mill and deeply disappointing.

Making the right choice means hitting-up a known supplier of the best products on the market with proved dedication and passion for the trade. Once a suitable source has been found, the rest just falls into place naturally and it never fails to surprise just how versatile a gift idea glassware is for so many occasions.

timeless gifts

Here are just a few examples to illustrate the point:


Probably the best example of all, weddings make the ideal events to offer fine glassware from a reputable provider. The options are endless – you could offer bespoke drinking vessels for practical purposes, a pair of ornate wine glasses to be kept as a memento or any kind of vase or ornament to be proudly displayed and serve as a reminder of the day. Such sentiments are impossible to go wrong with when romance is on the cards.

Life Milestones

Whether turning 18, passing a driving test or retiring later in life, there’s always good reason for a toast and therefore even better reason for giving the gift of fine glassware. This could take the form of an engraved whiskey tumbler to be kept more as an ornamental piece, a set of champagne glasses to toast the occasion or perhaps a set of bespoke beer glasses to celebrate a person coming of age. Like the above, it’s all about ensuring the appropriate level of quality and ideally uniqueness in order to make what would other be a rather ordinary gift truly extraordinary.


Always a difficult task if ever there was one, buying the right gift for a Christening can be a minefield. However, while the recipient in question is for obvious reasons probably a little too young to use a crystal glass right now, there’s still no better gift to be offered as a life-long keepsake. With the quality to last the whole of the child’s life and perhaps a meaningful engraving carrying the well-wishes of the gift-giver, this is a truly fool-proof and potentially remarkable gift idea for any Christening.

Everyday Romance

Last but not least, nobody should really need an excuse for a little romance and for those looking to branch out from the usual flowers and chocolates, fine glassware makes a superb choice. Simply add a couple of elegant and bespoke wine glasses to that bottle of red wine you were planning to buy and you instantly transform a run-of-the-mill gesture into something truly special and memorable. And again, splash out a few extra bob for engraving and you’ll be onto a serious winner.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton took to blogging on the subject of special occasions after receiving one too many ill-conceived tokens of ‘romance’ from her partner. She is also a huge Gurasu glassware fan.