The Step By Step Guide To Event Planning

  • Sumo

When it comes to parties and celebrations it’s all in the detail. Scrimp on things and miss things out and you will really notice the difference. It’s not easy doing it all yourself which is why some of us choose to hire a party planner. But you can do it yourself, you just need to have a clear vision of what it is you want, how you want your guests to feel and what you want your venue to look like. Follow this guide to make sure you don’t miss any of the essentials out!

Event Planning

Mood Boards

I find there is no better place to start than creating mood boards. You can take inspiration from anything. Be constantly aware that you are making your mood board so you remember to save anything you see that inspires you. You don’t just have to cut out pictures either, use fabric swatches, food wrappers and photos. Record anything from colour ideas to table settings.

Once you have completed your mood boards find a big free space where you can put them on the walls. Step back and take them all in, you should get a strong feeling of how you want your event to be and themes may jump out at you.

Make Some Decisions

Now you have a clear imagine in your head of how you’d like you event to be it’s time to make some of the big decisions. Book the venue, entertainment and catering as these are the basics; once you’ve done this the rest should follow. When booking your venue you need to consider how many guests you are expecting and the resources you will need (such as a bar and dance floor.) You should have a strong idea of the kind of thing you want from your mood board.

 When booking entertainment it is important to think of the atmosphere you wish to create and to try to cater for everyone’s tastes. Think about different stages of your event, will you need more than one type of entertainment for different times of the day? I find going with something simple like jazz band hire to be best as on most counts it’s something everyone will enjoy and you will find most bands can do different music for each stage.

When it comes to the catering make sure you go and try your options before making a decision. If you are hoping to have a relaxed, casual feel event a buffet is probably the best option. If you are creating a sophisticated atmosphere a sit down dinner is preferable.


This is where your mood boards will come to hand the most. Hopefully they are full of colour and decoration ideas. You should be able to make a few decisions by just sitting down and looking at your boards. Make sure you have a strong colour scheme that can cover nearly everything. If you are having tables you will need table decorations that tie in with your colour scheme. Don’t scrimp on decorations, if you go for too little then the event will feel bare and lacking personality. Don’t forget little things like favours, place settings and flowers.