The Spread of COVID-19, Where Is it Spreading the Fastest?

With over 500,000 cases and a lot more to come, Covid-19 is something that has taken the world by storm.

Aside from the tragic health implications, this is something that is affecting our day-to-day life like nothing else in a generation.

While in the past some diseases may have been just limited to one area in the world, this isn’t the case this time. It is spreading across every country and that’s even though travel bans have been enforced and borders have been closed.

Hospitals are doing their utmost to keep on top of things. This may have started by keeping stock of key hygiene supplies, but has now gone to the level where new hospitals are being built just to control matters. We first saw this in China, but this is now applying to countless other countries that are repurposing conference centers as medical facilities.

In short, it looks as though it could become one of the deadliest viruses in history.

As we all know, this is something that started in a region called Wuhan in China. Unless you had a particular familiarity with China, there’s a high chance that you had probably never heard of this area up until a few months ago.

Unfortunately, this has just been the tip of the iceberg for Covid-19. It has worked its way around the globe and for the time being at least, Europe seems to have borne the brunt of it.

Italy is the country that has grabbed all of the headlines and at the time of writing, this has more than 80,000 cases to date – with thousands upon thousands more arriving on a daily basis.

Spread of COVID-19

Things seem to be heading in a similar direction in other parts of the continent. Spain is also regarded as a major problem country and its cases are heading towards the 60,000 marks. While Germany might not have had the deaths that the two mentioned nations have, it still has over 44,000 cases to date. Even the UK, an island set apart from the rest of the continent, is seeing an explosion of growth. The number of recorded deaths in a day has just surpassed 100 and cases are quickly on the rise.

Of course, it’s not just Europe where this disease is spreading faster than anyone could have ever imagined. Over in Iran, the situation is also perilous. The country has reported almost 30,000 cases, but the term “reported” is key here. Experts believe that the number of cases, and unfortunately deaths, is significantly higher than the figures that are being made public.

We then have the US, which for a while seemed to be treading water with the virus. Now, things have turned on their head. The disease has also started to take over this country and experts have suggested that this could soon become the epicenter of it.

There are some countries where it hasn’t yet spread, though. Russia just has a handful of cases, which seems remarkable considering its relative proximity to China. There are also a handful of islands in Greece and Portugal that haven’t been hit and based on all of the recent travel restrictions, one would assume that they remain immune for the foreseeable future.

There are all sorts of speculation doing the rounds about when this will end, with some countries attaching hard and fast dates in their briefings to the public. At the moment, it would seem foolish to do this, with the disease garnering a pace that nobody could have ever imagined. Unfortunately, it’s a case of sitting back, staying safe and seeing what happens next.