The Perfect Wedding

  • Sumo

My wife wanted the wedding of our daughters to be perfect. Let me elaborate. My wife and I, when we met, each had a daughter from our respective previous marriages. As it turned out, my oldest daughter was a month older than her oldest daughter. We were worried that there would be issues between the two, but our worries were unfounded.

When they finally met, they got along famously. Both of them were eight and full of personality. They loved life and dolls and dressing up and being silly, and were practically inseparable. We were quite happy with this. So it came as no surprise that when they met their respective boyfriends at college, they wanted to get married on the same day, at the same time.

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Planning the Wedding

From a financial standpoint, I couldn’t be happier. My wife and I had struggled for many years, but were finally living a good life. I am a college English professor and she is the VP for a successful tech firm. We’re not wealthy by any means, but because we had a hard life for so many years it taught us to be frugal. We had more than enough saved up for a fantastic wedding

We talked to the girls about the wedding colors, and finally convinced them that they didn’t want to have red as one of their colors. Instead, they went for gold and blue, which we were fine with. The search began for beautiful wedding dresses and ugly bridesmaids dresses.

Searching for the Right Dress

My wife wanted to make the dresses for the girls. She is a fantastic seamstress, and I know she could do it, but her work was tying up most of her time. I knew that she wouldn’t have enough time to make the dresses she really wanted to make, and I convinced her that her expertise could be better used in helping the girls find the right dress.

My wife also helped with the search for the right bridesmaid dresses. We knew that both of our daughters were beautiful, so we didn’t have to get ugly bridesmaid dresses, but we didn’t want the dresses to outshine what our girls picked out.

Handling the Food

With the dresses and flowers being handled by my wife and daughters, I took it upon myself to handle the food. I didn’t want some strange catering company to feed our wedding guests crappy food. I’ve had many experiences with catering companies, and none of them were good.

I have been a member of a medieval reenactment club for many years, and I’ve cooked large dinners for people on multiple occasions. I already owned all the stuff to cook the meal, but usually we used paper plates at our camping event, and that wouldn’t do. I did a quick Google search for ‘dish rental’ and found a company that rented flatware.

Using the Right Rental Company

We hoped that the rental company we found would have enough flatware, plates, and glassware for the wedding. We were worried that, because the event was in the summer, there would be a lot of weddings happening and their equipment would be gone. It turns out our fears were unfounded.

The company had more than enough equipment to rent to us. We made the reservation and paid a deposit on the flatware, dishes, and glassware. Now, it was just a simple manner of finding a good bartender. Unfortunately, the best bartender I know moved from Utah to Indiana about two years ago, and I didn’t think I had the budget to fly him out.