The Monogram Necklace as a Reinvention of Popular Jewelry

  • Sumo

How many times have you found yourself having to buy a new piece of jewelry for a loved one, wanting to get something new and original and eventually settling for the ordinary and banal simply because you couldn’t think of anything better?

After all, once you get through a few wedding anniversaries and birthdays it can become pretty repetitive to buy a new ring or necklace at least twice a year.

Monogram necklaces present an opportunity to purchase an original gift that can be appropriate for almost any occasion. It has both modern and historical connotations and therefore can make a child or a loving wife equally happy.

Let’s take a look at monogram necklaces and see how they can be seen to represent a reinvention in the field of popular jewelry.

monogram necklace

A Combination of Ready Made Design and Personal Creativity

Most websites that deal with monogram necklaces will allow users to choose both the design and the materials. The designs vary from the ultra modern to the very traditional. This basically means that you can match your own personal preferences to one of the designs and make a type of a personal declaration for all to see and this is exactly where the personal and ready made design intersect.

Another type of personal statement is made when you give a monogram necklace to a loved one. What type of design will you choose in order to give visual form to your relationship? Combining two names into one monogram is a very strong statement of love and the choice of each element should be full of significance.

The Opportunities that Popular Jewelry Allows Us

It is rare that you can actually influence the creative process of a new piece of jewelry. Even when we are talking of very expensive pieces, the normal process is simply to select the work and design of someone else. Surprisingly enough, it is the field of popular jewelry that offers us today with perhaps the best option of making our own statement. When you select a material, a color and a design for a popular jewelry piece, even if you are selecting from ready made designs, you are making a personal choice.

Perhaps we have reached a time and an age in which creative choices can be made by everybody, ranging from the banal to the highly original and depending on personal taste and choice.

I think the field of online popular jewelry is only in its infancy and the future may yet give us opportunities to design even extremely delicate and expensive pieces with online customer involvement.

Doron Heifetz is an expert jeweler and the publisher of the my monogram necklace blog which promotes popular jewelry design and ideas.