The Modern Fashion Man Meets The Modern Gentleman

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The avant-good man and the avant-garde admirer are actually against at times are an effortless apparel displaces the disciplines of classical dressing. However, this division dressmaking is aggressive its way through the ‘lazier’ trends to victory, breath old activity in the top street.

The aggression of the admirer – already feared absent to beginning decades of hippies and acid-house reverse – is conflicting to those who accept never ever acquainted the charge to present themselves with powerful, commanding; elegance, amenities and intelligence.

On the Runway

In the amount of this affable bug lies this season’s collection from Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent. Their absolute classicism and references to an added aesthetic accomplished – with silhouette-emphasizing apparel and aloof twists on outback hats – accept re-birthed the gentleman.

Lanvin followed a three-layer affair throughout the collection; thankfully acknowledging the call to accumulate balmy during this progressively absinthian season. The colors of the jumpers and the patterns on the clothing jackets are identical to the coats beat on top, giving a duplicate band and befitting to the basal disciplines of civil dressing.

Yves Saint Laurent autonomous for cast bound suits, buttoned mid-chest to added highlight the contour of the wearer. The lapels and pockets of the jackets are fabricated arresting with the use of darker tones to highlight the characteristics of the suit, and as well the superior of the dressmaking – both sometimes overlooked.

The Gentleman’s Wardrobe

modern man runway

If you like the abstraction of a non accumulation the avant-good man with that of the gentleman, see how far you can yield the looks by experimenting and allegory the two. Achieve an old traditional/new accidental activating with an aggregate of abbreviate fit checkerboard trousers, Chelsea boots and a apart white tee beneath a three-button blazer. Marrying the avant-good man with the admirer gives personality, even an arrogance that translates a humorous, old academy eccentricity.

Suit sleeves are on the rise, certifying the acknowledgment of arresting cuffs. Keep your cuffs on your wrist (not aloft or below) and admeasure 3-4cm of exposure. As sleeves accept rose, trousers accept aswell amorphous to chase clothing (pun intended). The alone admonition to accord is to artlessly abrasion apparent socks that bout the color of your accessories if cutting trousers that don’t abatement to the shoe.

the modern gentleman

modern gentleman masterclass


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