The Minimalist Lifestyle is the Calm Lifestyle

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Stress is a buzzword these days, finding the chance to relax can be a tough ask at the best of times. But, if you search the internet there are people who champion the idea of a minimalist lifestyle. It’s not really all about selling your things and moving from pillow to post for the rest of your life.

There are a number of ways you can go about obtaining a minimalist lifestyle but it’s mainly about looking at things subjectively. Do you need certain items? For example, you could sell CDs and use your iPod and laptop instead.

Becoming a minimalist

Waking up and feeling like you’re living Groundhog Day out for real is a common concern among many people. Whether you earn six-figures or have a standard job, the wash, rinse, repeat style can become a drag. And, for what? So that you can buy the perfect home or so you can have the latest designer trends?

The idea of being minimal can seem attractive but unrealistic in the world that we live in today but with changes over a long period of time you can remove the mass media, stop buying junk you don’t really need and live the life you want.

Step one: Objectivity

We tend to get attached to certain items in our home, and getting to the point where throwing them out seems OK can be tough. Start in a room in your home, maybe ask for help from a friend, and then start asking yourself the purpose of the various things in there are.

Hold items in your hands and take a step back before deciding whether you need to keep, sell, recycle or donate it. In the end, you will see your house minimalist and a far more relaxed environment.

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Step two: Be minimal every day

Is work within walking or cycling distance? If so, leave the car at home and help both the environment and yourself. Make sure the television is switched off so that you can more fulfilling things with your evening. Try to find one item (clothing or otherwise) to rid yourself of and generally just Declutter the home.

Step three: Enjoy life

Life is what you make of it, and whether you are minimalist or not, you need to find things that you enjoy. A calmer home life soothes you but make sure that you are building relationships, meeting new people, learning and contributing.

Final thought

There are many motivating articles out there to help us move forward with this lifestyle. One post from Markus Almond contained a phrase that it’s important to never forget; life provides many gifts, most of them are free.

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