The Lifecycle Of A Jumper

  • Sumo

Almost everyone has one – the jumper that you bought in a hurry because the weather suddenly got colder, but, when you got it home you put it away and it was never worn.  There is nothing wrong with the jumper, it is just like many other impulse buys that lost their splendour by the time you got back home, and at the time you just couldn’t get it together to take it back and explain why you didn’t want it. You probably have it sat at the back of the wardrobe next to the Christmas jumper that you only wear under sufferance when you are with your family.It doesn’t have to be this way, that jumper could be helping you to raise the money you need to update the rest of your wardrobe in time for summer; Clothes recycling for cash is a great way to make space and money, and put your jumper to a new use.


New clothes

Just because your jumper no longer suits or fits you doesn’t mean that it isn’t perfect for someone else; if it is in good condition, with little or no wear and tear, then it can be sold on to be worn again by someone else.  Many recycled clothes are used to help those less fortunate, including the homeless, refugees and displaced people in third world countries.

Creating something new

Some jumpers should just never be worn as jumpers again; these, along with those that are a little too worn to sell on, can be used for new projects.  They can be carefully unravelled and the wool can be used to create new, more stylish jumpers, or different clothing items such as shawls, socks, children’s clothes, and clothing for toys and dolls.  Most commonly the wool is used to create patchwork blankets; these are then either sold, often for charity, or given directly to those who need them the most.

Stuffing and filing

If that old jumper is no longer suitable to wear as an item of clothing and is too damaged to be made into a new piece of clothing it can be unravelled or cut up and used as stuffing.  It could be used to fill sofa cushions, mattresses or the padded seats on dining room chairs; that new futon that you want could be stuffed with last year’s Christmas jumper ( just think of the irony when the person who bought you the jumper spends the night sleeping on the futon that now contains the jumper).

Handmade and unique toys

While most factory toys contain custom made and specially treated materials and stuffing, handmade toys still rely on reclaimed and recycled materials to make them unique.  Old jumpers can be used to create patchwork toy blankets, rag dolls and soft toys.  They have the dual purpose of being able to create colourful and individual exteriors and provide the internal stuffing.

And Finally

Clothes recycling for cash does not have to stop at your unwanted jumper; you can sell most textiles to be reused or recycled into something new.  By recycling your unwanted clothes you gain space in your wardrobe and some extra cash to spend on new clothes while also helping the environment.