The History and Mystery about Tattoos

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At this day in age tattooing has evolved into a very huge fashion trend. From many celebrities to public figures tattoos have served a great purpose in their lives. Tattoos have been a form of art which has been there through time in many generations and generations. It has been practiced so much in many different cultures and it has changed many people’s lives at the same time. Some say that the innovators of tattoos were the Polynesian people who still practice the trade the same way it was done many years ago. With no state of the art machines or anything. They use tools crafted through special wood and needles made from animal bones. Different locations all over the world have their own beliefs of tattoos. Some say that it gives them supernatural abilities. To some it is just to be recognized as their ancestors were many years ago. In china tattoo were a symbol given to criminals and convict. This was a type of branding to them in order to identify who they are. There are certain tribes that tattoo their faces in order to fit in the tribe and express their manhood. These cultures have not changed even though it is the twenty first century.

tattoos history

In the Philippines there are certain tribes that practice tattooing which shows the people what accomplishments have been gained. These individuals are either tribal leaders or warriors. While some cultures embrace tattooing in a very unusual manner. Japan is famous for tattooing but there is a secret organization that calls them the Yakusa who are merciless mobsters who run the Japanese underworld. These individuals have tattoos that cover their sleeves, chest and lower body. To many people they strike fear in their eyes. These tattoos are not the ordinary tattoos you find in any tattoo parlour. These are generally geisha girls or samurai warriors and the mystical coy fish.

For some athletes having tattoos play a significant role in their lives. These may be either patriotic of symbolic tattoos. The famous Maori tribal tattoos are what many rugby players tend to have and these tattoos are done the traditional way. It is by hitting the ink into the skin with a tool not a machine. This kind of tattooing method is full of excruciating pain. Some people are unable to bear this type of tattooing. Ever since the development of tattoo machines it is very easy now to get a tattoo with no problems such as infections or any type or disease.

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