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-acts on GABA

-secondary activation of glutamate

-slows brain, and the brain is more irritable

-if there is an ability to drink more, there is a more of a chance for alcoholism

-until a person is completely detoxed, there is an overactive amount glutamate


-affects endorphins and enkelfins

-overwhelms the brain and you have to keep feeding the brain the opioids


-does not imitate neurotransmitters like alcohol and opioids

-causes you to release dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin before you need them

In 15 year olds, drugs affect the emotional part of the brain, and there is no more fuel which leads to addiction.  And in 30 year olds, drugs affect the frontal lobe, which controls the judgment part of the brain.

teen drug use

Drugs, Alcohol and Brain Development

When a teen is exposed to nicotine, there is more of a chance of them to use it when they become adults.  Also, when they become adults, they get more stimulant response to cocaine, and they have cognitive deficits.  When an adolescent drinks alcohol they damage the frontal cortex, which also causes cognitive deficits.  The cerebellum is also damaged, which disrupts their coordination, and the smaller hippocampus is destroyed, which makes them lose their memory.

Teen Brain Development

Teens are known for their social interaction and ability to make rules and break rules.  As they grow they begin to interest in things such as history, culture and media, which shows that they are maturing.  Teenagers are not able to make big decisions right away, but their brain is developed enough for teenage interaction.  The brain is not completely developed and matured until the mid-20s.  As this process occurs, the brain is able to make more logical decisions because the neurons are transmitting faster.  Also, the myelin sheath develops, which is the fatty layer around the brain that allows for even faster transmission.

Drugs Are Bad for Brain Development

There are many substances that affect the brain by altering the neurotransmitters.  These substances also alter perception and interfere with perceptual skills.  The use of neurotransmitters is needed to make wise decisions.  As teens use drugs more and more, the brain becomes in need of these drugs to function.  The circuitry begins to need drugs to function in daily life.  It is important to stop drug use in teens as soon as you know they have a problem because this problem can stay with them forever.

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