The Dos And Don’ts Of Male And Female Swimwear

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Many of us long for those times spent on the beach and it is undoubtedly a place where varying fashion choices come up, sometimes with devastating effects at both ends of the spectrum. Whether it is for men or women it is always a good idea to stay within the guidelines. Just so no one looks over dressed or under dressed, or quite simply ridiculous.

The Dos
A style that experienced something of a boom in its favour around two decades ago was the surfing look, or more specifically, ‘Boardshorts’. Boardshorts are a very comfortable option for men on the beach, they dry relatively quickly and they certainly cover the person up sufficiently. There are countless amounts of designs available with Boardshorts, from the subtle to the more extravagant. Slightly tighter alternatives of men’s shorts have risen in their popularity in the last few years but make sure that you can carry the look before you choose that particular option.

The Don’ts
While it can certainly be said that tighter variations of swimwear have been seen more and more on a younger adult crowd in recent times there is still something of a line to be drawn. Tiny swimming trunks may be something that a very, very select few can get away with during fashion shoots but on the beach they are best avoided. Having room to breathe is an essential so think carefully before making your decision on this.

The Dos
This is true of both men and women but finding swimwear that fits your shape is very important. Mixing the style you go for can work extremely well so do not be afraid to combine two different elements with your bikini look. Having attire that supports you sufficiently is also vital of course. Having a dress on hand is useful in case you need it and although it is not strictly a swimwear tip there should also be the right amount of sun protection applied to the skin via lotion.

Female Split Swimwear

The Don’ts
One thing that does not belong on a beach is heels so please do not be tempted to take them the next time you plan on catching some rays. It is also important to know the difference between swimwear and underwear so make sure that your outfit is more substantial than your everyday undergarments. Going for the combination of socks and sports trainers is also a look that should be left for other occasions away from the sand and sea.

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