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If the woman in your life has expressed a preference for a particular gift this year then you’ll have no trouble in choosing what to buy. But if your lady has said she wants ‘a surprise’ or has not given you any idea of what she might like then the pressure is on you to come up with something really fantastic.

Fortunately, few women can resist pretty, sparkly gifts at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas. That means that a piece of well-chosen jewellery is likely to be really appreciated and earn you a few brownie points.

The trouble is, there is such a vast array of women’s jewellery on the market it can be very hard to know where to start when shopping for the perfect gift. There is no magic answer to what your other half will want – every woman is different and will have different tastes in jewellery.

womens jewellery

So, do some researches before you head out to the shops. Does she prefer gold, or silver? Or is her jewellery mainly platinum or white gold? You can look at what she normally wears (and what she wears for special occasions) to get a good idea. Beware, though, that it is often hard to tell the difference between silver, platinum and white gold just from looking (so you may have to ask – but make it subtle!).

When looking at the sort of jewellery she normally wears, also look to see if she likes delicate or more chunky jewellery; how long she likes to wear her necklace (you don’t need to measure it, just see where it falls on her chest); whether she favours plain jewellery or jewellery adorned with precious stones.

Some women prefer necklaces to bracelets and vice versa, whilst others prefer to wear a matching set. Some women like stud earrings; others like dangly earrings. Take careful note of what your partner prefers and then have a look at the women’s jewellery available online or in jewellery shops. For a really special gift, you could opt for womens jewellery, which will cost more but be greatly appreciated, worn at every opportunity and kept forever.

Charm bracelets are very popular, and also provide you with a gift solution for many birthdays and Christmases to come, as you can buy charms for the bracelet that will always be welcome.

Finally if you really want your gift to be special then why not choose an item that can be personalised with a little message or a special date? It will show that you have put a lot of thought into the gift and make her smile whenever she wears it.

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