The Benefits Of Moisture Wicking Fabrics

  • Sumo

Many people when cold will wear extra layers to help keep themselves warm. However, this can bring with it certain problems. Some fabrics aren’t good to have against your skin because they hold moisture. If you sweat a little and then cool down, it feels colder because there is moisture against you. What you really need is a fabric that will dry quickly and help you maintain an even temperature insofar as that is possible. It is for this reason that moisture-wicking fabrics were developed.

moisture wicking fabrics

Moisture wicking clothing is essentially for people who like to exercise. Whether that’s running, cycling, or some other form of exercise, it doesn’t matter – a fast drying fabric is beneficial and such garments have therefore become a very popular and modern clothing trend. This is due to the fact that such clothing helps prevent you from getting damp due to sweat. The clothing is made of a moisture-wicking fabric which helps get rid of moisture faster than a cotton T-shirt, for example.

There is a company called Under Armour, which is a US clothing brand. The company was founded by Kevin Plank and it was he who eventually made the discovery of the benefits of moisture-wicking fabric. Every sports supplier out there now, including Nike, Reebok and Adidas all sell products which use moisture-wicking fabrics. These types of clothing don’t just include T-shirts – tank tops, shorts and leggings also provide greater moisture resistance. It isn’t just athletes and weight trainers who wear under armour clothing, but soldiers also. Wicking fabrics help soldiers keep going that bit longer.

When such clothing first made its appearance in sports retail stores, it was fairly expensive. However, nowadays wicking garments can be picked up as little as £5, although the price varies considerably. The weather can have an effect on sales. It is well known that these fabrics keep sweat away, but they can also keep you warm if worn with the right clothing on top. If you were to wear a wicking base layer, a T-shirt and a Hoodie, then during the winter you would be kept warmer. This is because wearing a number of smaller layers keeps the heat in, compared to wearing one large, thick clothing item.

With sports such as football, cricket, basketball and rugby only getting more popular, then one can’t imagine moisture wicking clothing going away. Replica football shirts themselves are built using such technology, but a second layer can also help.