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So you’ve finally found “the one,” someone who laughs at your jokes, doesn’t complain (too much) about your domestic habits, and pets you sympathetically when your team loses (even if she can’t remember what sport your favorite team plays).

Marriage is the next step, and if you’re looking for engagement rings New Jersey, you want to choose one that reflects your love and your willingness to occasionally clean the toilet. Follow these five rules and you can’t go wrong:

The Most Important C: Compromise

The famous “four C’s” of diamonds — cut, color, clarity and carat — help determine the quality and price of the stone. However, unless your gal is a diamond maven, all you need to know is that you’re not being ripped off. If you don’t care to research what all the measurements mean, the only important thing is that the diamond really sparkles. This is what will dazzle your girlfriend into thinking you’re the man of her dreams.

Style is Everything

To get the right ring, you have to know your lady’s style. Is she a fashionista who might want an unusual setting? Is she practical, and might prefer something that’s not too flashy? If she’s a social-justice type, she might consider diamonds off-limits, like genetically-modified bananas. Buy a ring that reflects the style and values of the woman who you’re looking to marry.

Forget the Debt

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Forget the idea that a ring should cost two months’ salary. How happy will your girlfriend be with her ring if she has to work double shifts to help pay for it? Only spend what you can reasonably afford, or try visiting an antique jeweler for a romantic vintage diamond.


If you imagine that you have to find the perfect ring all on your own and surprise her with it on a skydiving drop over the Grand Canyon, you might be relieved to know that not everyone likes surprises. Most women would rather be part of the ring-buying process and end up with a ring they like than look at their finger with irritation for the next fifty years just because you don’t have an eye for fashion. Ask her best friend for an expert opinion.

All You Need is Love

The engagement ring is an enduring symbol of your love, but in the end, it’s the lifelong partnership that matters most. If the marriage proposal falters on the question of the ring, the relationship might not be strong enough to withstand half a century of annoying habits. Right now it might seem like finding the right ring is crucial, but in the end, it’s not that big a deal: just wait until you start planning for the wedding.

Keep these in mind when shopping for an engagement ring in New Jersey and you can’t go wrong!

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