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Fed up with the same old traditional Christmas watching soaps and listening to your gran snoring? It may be time to take a break from the norm and spread your wings to other destinations. There are lots of wonderful destinations which will ensure you still experience the joys of the festive season but will offer something new and exciting. Whether you are looking for the sunshine or want to experience the real winter weather, there are destinations for all to enjoy.

Traditional Christmas in Thailand

We tend to lose a bit of the enthusiasm of Christmas when we spend it at home every year, so Thailand is the ideal choice if you want to indulge in real festivities. Thailand is a popular Christmas destination as it is affordable but also has lots to offer. The weather is hot and sunny at this time of the year and can offer some stunning scenery. You will be swept up in the charm of the locals and will be sure to have a festive season to remember. Thailand is a beautiful destination and is a holiday of a lifetime.

Barbecue in Australia

Millions of visitors flock to Australia every year to enjoy the hot sunshine and laid back atmosphere. The Australian summer is our winter, so although it won’t be Christmas for the locals, you can certainly have the time of your life here. You can spend this time of year on the beach enjoying a barbecue, while you soak up the rays and chat with family and friends. It is an expensive holiday, but well worth the money.

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Bright Lights of New York

New York is an ideal destination at any time of year, but is even more special at Christmas time. You will experience the traditional Christmas at this destination, with lots of lights, sparkle and atmosphere. Christmas trees will be in plentiful supply to really get you in the mood. If you want to take presents back to your loved ones, you will be spoiled for choice in New York. There are lots of fabulous shops to indulge in and you can really have the holiday of a lifetime here. The weather is usually cold and wintry at this time of year, so you will have to wrap up warm to really enjoy everything it has to offer.

Sandy Beaches in Florida

If you are taking the family away for Christmas and prefer to bask in the sunshine, Florida is the ideal holiday destination. There are plenty of sandy beaches to relax in over the festivities and Disney World is the perfect place to take the children. You can expect it to be full of the usual Christmas decorations and will be the kind of break you will never forget. You will need a good budget if you want to take off to Florida, especially if you decide to visit Disney World.

Stunning Landscape of Alaska

Alaska is the ultimate in traditional Christmas holidays, with all the cold and wintry weather you would come to expect of this time of year. Alaska has plenty of stunning landscape and will really put you in the mood for the festivities. If you want a traditional type of Christmas and don’t mind the cold weather, Alaska will be sure to fulfil your needs. It also has a Santa Clause House which is ideal for those children who still believe in the bearded man. They can write their own wish list and make the most of the traditional aspects of this time of year.

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