How Sylvester Stallone Used HGH To Grow Muscle

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Sylvester Stallone is really famous worldwide today as an action star and as Rambo. Recently he revealed that he was taking testosterone along with HGH at the age 61 and now also he is following the same since he is preparing for Rambo IV. One more rumor is that Sylvester was caught when he was smuggling which is really illegal.

HGH use and Sylvester:

Stallone agreed that he was transporting HGH into Australia because he had plans to stay in Thailand for next few months for a movie. In many other countries including Australia HGH is considered as a performance enhancer. So one cannot import this without a permit and if done so it is considered illegal.

Human growth hormone is classified as a controlled substance by Food and Drug Administration. That is the reason physicians consider this drug as prescription only drug. Before recommending this to a patient doctors make sure that he is hormone deficient.

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Growing muscle and HGH:

Even though HGH behaves as an anabolic steroid in reality it is not anabolic steroid. Other than for treatments by medical professionals, human growth hormone is mainly used by athletes and sports figures with an intention of development and muscle growth.

If not monitored properly by medical professionals, irresponsible use of human growth hormone will lead to adverse conditions especially if the patient if the patient is already in health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and heart diseases then it will worsen the condition. This is because synthetic human growth hormone takes the place of pituitary gland and becomes responsible for release of many hormones in the body.

If taken by an adult they will experience reduction in body fat and slight gain in muscle. If consumed in high dosage, human growth hormone will result in a condition called as acromegaly. This is the condition in which the individual will experience abnormal growth in bones especially in forehead, jaw, and feet. Visit for more knowhow.

Who uses HGH?

Mainly athletes and sports figures are usually monitored for the consumption of steroids like human growth hormone especially the ones who are preparing for international events like Olympics. Recent days, even famous athletes were caught using steroids and spoiled their reputation. That is the reason in sporting environments they have tightened the rules and regulations. But Stallone has an opinion that usage of growth hormone is really misunderstood and he claimed this in an interview.

He has stated that the reason behind his hard look is his hard work. Meantime he also told that usage of growth hormone helped him in rejuvenating, recuperating and to reduce tear and wear on his body.

Usage of testosterone and HGH in muscle growth:

Even though it is true that growth hormone helps in fat reduction and to increase muscle mass, there is no scientific evidence to prove it does anything more than this. So even in case of Stallone, the shots he took could have helped him in improving his on screen appearance but they done little on his physical and psychological performance.