Sun Protection and Fashion: Protect Your Skin in Style

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With the Northern hemisphere cooling down, many holidaymakers are jetting off to exotic locations to soak up the sun’s rays. It’s always great to look and feel good on a holiday, but it’s also important to consider skin safety and sun protection when outside, as a bad burn can not only ruin a holiday, but can also lead to dark spots, dry and wrinkled skin, and even skin cancer if burnt often enough. However, sun protection does not have to mean unflattering full piece costumes or layers of white and oily sun cream. Rather, we’ve outlined a few fashionable sun protection tips to help you make the best of your sunshine filled holiday.

skin sun protection tips

Floppy Hats

Large, floppy hats are in this season, which is great news for fashion and sun protection. Not only are floppy hats stylish, but they also protect the skin on your face, neck, chest and shoulders from the sun’s harmful rays. Because they are light and mould to the shape of the head, they do not leave wearers with dreadful hat hair. Besides offering sun protection, floppy hats are also extremely versatile and can be worn on a trip to the zoo, the beach or even an outdoor cocktail party.

Sun Protection Clothing

Many brands of summer clothing now sport a sun protection factor that is rated similar to sunscreen. Sun protection is particularly important for costumes as water does not reflect harmful ultraviolet rays. Thus the skin underneath your sun protection clothing will be protected.

Long and Loose Clothing

Long sleeved clothing will help with sun protection and can also be fashionable if worn correctly. Wear natural material to help keep you cool, such as a heavier cotton, bamboo, linen or hemp. Layering fabrics will also provide sun protection. Cotton shirts, gypsy pants and sarongs are all summer essentials which look great on the beach or at a summer cocktail party.

Wear Bright and Dark Colours

The lighter the colour of the clothing, the easier it is for the sun’s rays to penetrate. For example, green cotton blocks around 30% more of the sun’s rays than white cotton. Thus for optimal sun protection it is advisable to wear darker shades or bright, bold colours.

Step Out in the Right Shoes

Wearing shoes that offer sun protection can be a bit of a challenge, as most summer sandals are open. Woven tops or thick straps are always a good idea, and provide more comfort and support, as well as sun protection. However, if you must wear shoes with minimal coverage, opt for a non oily sunscreen to protect the delicate skin on the feet.

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