Stylish and Warm During the Winter Months

  • Sumo

Looking elegant and sexy during the cold winter months is not an easy task, but it is also not an impossible one. If you want to stay stylish and shine in your cold weather outfit, you should follow a few simple steps.

Winter coat or jacket

The first thing that you should do is to buy a fashionable winter coat or jacket, even if it is quite expensive. The money you will invest will be absolutely worth it. To find the coat that is best for you, you shall try it. May be you will have to visit several stores and try many coats (skip the ones with no shape), but at the end you will find it. You need to look for a warm coat (try wool or fur) in a neutral color like gray, black or brown, which will look classy during the next season as well. If your coat has a removable fur collar, you will look even cooler and stylish.

perfect outfit winter whites grays

Winter hat

The next thing to look for is a nice and warm hat. If you can afford it, buy several hats of different colors and styles, so you can change them according to your mood. It will be better if you go for a soft hat with neutral colors, but you can also choose bright ones.

Winter scarf

If you are ready with the coat and the hat, look for several good scarfs that you can change. The scarfs are not expensive and they can come in many colors, fabrics and styles. You can wear it inside or outside the coat. Women can go for all colors, but men should stick to the simple scarves in black, grey or blue or another color that matches the hat. The fabrics of the hat and the scarf should match as well.

Winter cloves

You will never be warm enough, if you do not wear gloves. If you want to be and feel elegant pick the thing gloves. If you plan a weekend in the mountain, then you can go for the thick gloves. As a rule, the gloves should match the hat or the scarf.


If you are looking for winter shoes, there is one rule that you have to follow: buy boots that will cover your legs as much as possible. The high heel boots look very nice on women and they are great when there is still not that cold, but they are not comfortable when there is too much snow or ice on the streets outside. There are plenty of lovely boots with low heels, which come in various colors and from different materials.

Winter underwear

You are ready to go outside and have a fashionable coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots, but before that you should also think of the winter underwear and clothes. You can look for thermal leggings and some soft T-shirts that will keep your body warm. Then add a layer of thin clothes that you will feel comfortable and sexy to wear.

Winter tips

There are a few tricks that you can follow in order to stay fashionable and sexy during the long winter months. They include leather leggings, additional accessories and a blush in a bright pink color. Yes! The blush will make your face look fresh; just make sure you do not put too much on your cheeks.

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