Steer Clear of These Motorcycle Fashion Fails

  • Sumo

Since 1885 motorcycles, and motorcycle fashion, have been present (and growing) in society. While some motorcycle-related fashion accessories are timeless and forever bad-ass—think the tight leather jacket scattered with studs—there have been other biker style-related choices that are best left forgotten. So if you’ve ever revved down the road, wind blowing through your hair, and noticed a fellow biker oblivious to the fact that everyone on the road was pointing and laughing, than this list of motorcycle fashion fails is for you.

Motorcycle Fashion Fails

  1. Overbranded – Buying the matching leathers, jacket, helmet, etc., to go with your bike is like being the guy that wears an airbrushed t-shirt of his significant other’s face. It doesn’t look good when you’re together and when you’re apart it looks even worse. Instead, go for classic styles and colors. Remember, if you’re paying hundreds of dollars for a leather jacket it should look good without having to be associated with your bike.

  2. Sunglasses under a clear visor – While prescription visors are still not a reality for bikers there are still options for the visually-imperfect. Wearing sunglasses under a clear visor is as unnecessary as and geeky-looking as wearing socks with Birkenstocks. If vision is your excuse for this faux pas try wearing contacts or using a tinted visor at least.

  3. Stick on ears, tails, or any other body part for that matter – A motorcycle is no place to be a comedian. You may think it’s humorous to stick a tiger tail to your ride and tiger ears to your helmet but most bikers think it’s straight weird.

  4. Knee sliders over your pants – Unless you specialize in performance and competition riding, knee sliders are totally unnecessary. If it’s a concern over injury that makes you slip these dorky devices on over your pants, consider investing in a pair of pants with armor built right in. Safety does always come first, but style doesn’t have to be sacrificed in the process.

  5. Fashion logo jackets – While that Enron or Kill Bill-style motorcycle jacket may have looked cool when you bought it, you are in no way protected from an accident like you would be in a proper armored motorcycle jacket. Fortunately, this fail died out (for the most part) in the ‘90s.

  6. Exhaust wrap – Unless actually using the wrap to protect your bare leg from singing under extreme heat you don’t need exhaust wrap. Ever. This fail is extremely puzzling because a nice, shiny chrome exhaust pipe can make your bike look great! What puzzles us is why anyone would want to cover up their chrome with tacky and cheap-looking exhaust wrap? Just saying…

  7. Iridium visors – Like the bowl cut and the light-up shoes this trend should have been left in the ‘90s where it came from. A much better option would be to switch to a tinted visor instead of the annoying iridium version. Keep wearing the iridium if you want, just know it looks like you’re living in the past.

Author Bio: Kali is a writer for Competition Accessories, a company specializing in womens motorcycle apparel and motorcycle gear. She is an avid explorer who loves long rides and is still working on her first knee-down.