Staying In Style In The Cold Winter!

  • Sumo

Staying on top of fashion as the weather begins to dictate more and more what we can and cannot wear becomes increasingly tricky. As snow begins to tell us that Mother Nature know longer wants us to sport open-toed sandals, and that shorts are certainly not becoming to comfort this January, we find ourselves wrapping up warmer and warmer as style trends take a back seat towards more practical dressing. The cold climate, however, does not mean that we have to forgo fashion choices entirely – there are a number of stylish items we can incorporate, as accessories, into our every day wear to help us look cool whilst the weather is cold.

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Haute Scarfs

Scarfs are both a practical necessity and a great way of adding some chic sophistication and a dash of colour to your outfit. In recent years the general approach to how the item should be worn has been tweaked somewhat, with overly long scarves tied with multiple loops in vogues for a small while, and have been given another approach this year.  Celine, a brand who hit as often as they miss, took the silk scarf and began to wear it in a cowboy style fashion to add an eye-catching look to their outfits. For those not as on board with Western chic, woollen scarves will never go out of style and the more fashion conscious amongst us have begun to use their scarves as part of colour blocking ensembles, re-inventing the summer trend for the winter season.


Whilst the days of regularly wearing hats seems to have vanished for both men and women, as even the popularity of gaudy baseball caps has faded, it would seem peculiar to suggest that one of the biggest trends for the winter this year comes from the world of headwear. Even more peculiar is the fact that the trend is inspired by soviet military fashion. Fur, and faux fur, Cossack hats have become all the rage over the winter partially because the hats, which are rather large and padded, do what they were originally designed to do – and that is keep the wearer warm in the coldest of conditions! So, although practicality may have been the main reason for the invention of these hats, the fact they have become popular with trend setters has meant that they are now considered effortlessly chic in some quarters.


Ever since wellies became the footwear of choice for Kate Moss to show up to festivals in, the once uncool footwear has enjoyed something of resurgence and a renaissance in the minds of fashionistas. As well as being perfect for protecting the feet from the mud during summer camping and festival trips, the boots are also ideal for the snow! The fact that style-conscious trend setters began sporting the style of boot meant that many designers went about making their designs more youth friendly and, rather than being available solely in dark green like in days gone by, wellies have begun to incorporate patterns lifted directly from the high street. Colour-blocked, floral print and animal print are amongst the most popular and, more often than not, wellies often offer a vibrant accompaniment to any ensemble.