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Just because you’re tightening your belt, it doesn’t mean you have to loosen your grip on fashion. There are ways and means of looking stylish, whatever your budget – you just need to know how.

So don’t despair if you’re a slave to fashion but lack the cash to splash out on designer labels on every shopping trip. With some planning, clever tactics and effort, you can snap-up the latest trends for less than you’d expect, and sometimes for free.

Make the Most of Sales

Sales can be a bargain hunter’s best friend, offering you the chance to own that gorgeous dress you’ve had your eye on for weeks at a snip of its original price. To make the most of sales, you need to be prepared to shop off-season – so keep your eye out for winter wonders in spring time, and spring sensations in winter time, and you should be able to stock up your wardrobe with fashionable items with a big chunk off.

To help you succeed at sales – where items often go fast, leaving you to rummage through a few bits and bobs that others have discarded – it’s a good idea to shop early if you can. Thursday evenings and Fridays are good as weekend sales tend to start a day or two in advance, and this means you’ll have a choice of sales goods before the rush begins.

Research and Save Online

You could try one of the online exclusive shopping sites that offer big discounts on designer brands, such as brandalley.co.uk, or sign up to your favourite stores for email alerts to be notified when a sale starts.

Alternatively, you could take a look at eBay – patience often pays on this site, and if you’re prepared to wait for the right item of clothing to come along you could bag yourself an absolute bargain.

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Widen Your Hunting Circle

Make an effort and you’ll likely be rewarded when it comes to savings. It’s easy to simply stick to your usual shopping grounds, such as shopping centres, designer stores and high street shops. But by looking further afield, you may find a gem for less – try vintage shops, charity stores, markets and even some of the less expensive high street brands.

Get the Basics

Invest in some good basic items and you’ll have clothes that last a long time. Items like a cardigan, jeans and top in neutral colours, can be rotated merrily and are unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Less is More

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap clothing as it’s better to buy one quality item that will last than it is to fritter your money on lots of poor clothes that will struggle to survive a first wash.

Clear out Your Wardrobe

Chances are you’ve no idea what clothing lies at the back of your wardrobe, so now’s the time to investigate. You may be pleasantly surprised and find some items you can wear once more, or there may be outfits you know you’ll never wear again which you can recycle – throw a clothes-swap party with friends or sell them on eBay or at car boot sales.


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