Stay Healthy While Travelling

  • Sumo

You’ve arrived on holiday to a plethora of wonderful smells and sights. There are so many places to eat and drink and the street sellers all look inviting. But can you be sure that the food you eat will be safe? What if it isn’t? And the local chemist is miles away. So here are some tips and remedies for dealing with ill health caused by food poisoning.

Take a look behind the scenes. It is always worthwhile scrutinising the vendor. Even if it is a stand, is it clean? Does the food look fresh? Or is the food off colour and the leaves and veg a bit wilted?

Check out the cook. Just one look at the cleanliness of the chef should tell you the whole story. Clean shirt and trousers, clean hands of course and is he watching what he does with those hands in between touching food. All is vitally important.

Check out the customers. Are the people eating at the stand locals which can be a good indication? Is there a long queue and are people moving quickly through the queue? Do they look happy with their food?

Healthy While Travelling

Take a good look at the food. Don’t eat food late into the afternoon as there is a higher chance of it having been sat around. Check whether the food is coming out of an already opened can or bag as you have no way of knowing how long this has been opened. Do the cooks put unused food like tomato ketchup back into the main pot? This would be unhygienic.

Fresh is best. If you can watch the food being killed – as in the case of chicken and fish then all the better and if it is prepared at your table then that too will give you a good idea that it is as fresh as can be. Sticking to vegetables may be a good option if you are unsure.

Freeze Once. If you have any way of finding out how many times the food has been cooked and frozen then that is a useful way of checking on the hygiene regulations followed by the establishment.

So if you do fall ill then here are a few tips to take on board:

Add a spoonful of white wine vinegar or perhaps some lemon to the water. Adding these ingredients will fend off some microbes that can be dangerous. The vinegar will also guard against insect bites once in your bloodstream.

Another deterrent against microbes is alcohol and spicy food too if eaten with seafood. It isn’t failsafe but it could help.  Onion is another natural deterrent against toxins.

Don’t over-eat as this may make you ill, especially if your stomach isn’t used to the food.

Drink bottled water to be on the safe side.

Check vegetables are being prepared correctly and washed thoroughly.

Eating at a hotel might be the preferred option in some countries and then you can rely upon the reputation of the hotel.

Ensuring you stay fit and healthy on holiday is always a bit more important, as if you suffer from an illness abroad it can ruin the rest of your holiday and mean you waste money spent on having a good time when it’s not been one.