Sports T Shirts Through The Ages

Sport has long played an integral part in British culture. Whether individual or team based, on land or water, the country has always come together for large sporting events. Never has this been more evident than during this summer’s London Olympic Games, when a tide of Team GB t shirts could be seen across the capital and beyond.

But sport related t shirts have changed beyond recognition in the past few years. Where these were generally confined to football strips worn by loyal supporters, football t shirts in particular have gone from simply replicas of popular teams to reflections on current events. Now football t shirts have come to include witty slogans expressing support for a particular club, or even light-hearted mockery of a rival.

Another popular trend of late from manufacturers has been to create t shirts inspired by particularly influential or media loving footballers. Mario Balotelli is an example of someone in the limelight who has made their way into the clothing of the nation. Hundreds of people up and down the country recently took to sporting their own versions of the Italian’s famous “Why Always Me?” tee.

But it’s not just football t shirts that are dominating the t shirt scene. Now it is perfectly normal to see people expressing their love for everything from darts to golf and even table tennis! Whether it’s to support Andy Murray in his latest title chase or to claim that your favourite sport is better than all others, the variety of sports and the way they are expressed is continuing to grow.

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Despite such a modern approach to sport influenced fashion, we have also seen a trend in nostalgic tees. England football fans in particular have become a little disillusioned with our national team’s continual failure to live up to expectations, so have started to look back to more successful years, most notably that of the ’66 world cup.

However, nothing has changed more than the average Joe Bloggs inside these t shirts. In stark contrast to the budding footballers of days gone by who may have worn their favourite teams strip, it has now become the norm to spot people of all different backgrounds, shapes and sizes wearing such items- even those who may not participate in the sport themselves. In fact it has become something of a novelty for those lacking in physical activity to sport one of these t shirts with more than a little hint of irony.

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