Sports Equipment? Guide for Buying Stunt Scooters

  • Sumo

The sporting world has recently seen scooters being developed with advanced technological features such as alarms, start buttons and heated hand grips for comfort. Stunt scooters are common in Europe, Taiwan and Japan but sales in the US have been increasing since 2000.

The sports market today has a wide range of motorized and electric scooters that comes in a variety of shapes, colours, styles and brands to choose from. Some of the popular brands include Roces and Razor, Grit, Madd gear and JD Bug. Stunt scooters are designed to withstand extreme pressure and tension. You can do all sorts of tricks down the skate park and still not invalidate the warranty.

To avoid weakening the scooters, most manufacturers do not provide folding capability or adjustable handlebar heights. You can upgrade any of the parts reinforced for strength but you have to first fit to know which one is right. Many scooter dealers also stock the spare parts and can easily help you fit.

stunt scooters

Here are some of the things that you should consider before buying a professional stunt scooter:

  • Handlebars. Consider a scooter of about mid torso fixed height so that you don’t have to bend over. A single piece handle bar should be fixed to provide strength and durability.
  • Skill level. Determine skating skill level before you purchase a scooter. Pro scooters are for individuals who are more advanced and experienced in extreme sport while freestyle models are meant for beginners.
  • Weight of scooter. Choose a scooter that is light for easy movement; preferably one made of aluminium.
  • Cost. In most cases, better quality scooters come at a higher price. You however, should not spend too much on something that is of poor quality.
  • Weight capacity. Previously, scooters were only meant for children but nowadays even teens and young adults can use stunt scooters from Firetoys. The sport is rapidly growing and a standard scooter can accommodate 50-100 kg. Find out the right scooter for your weight.

Most stunt scooters warranties last for about three to six months with a few stretching to one year. In case of any faults, the manufacturer will not replace the entire scooter but only the part that is faulty. It is important to know that the warranty does not cover general wear and tear such as worn out tires.

You can buy stunt scooters online. If this is where you choose to buy, make sure you are buying at the manufacturer’s website or dealer sites that are accredited by the manufacturer. You should also check the shipping and returns term and conditions before you place your order.

Professional stunt scooters will give you total enjoyment as well as act as a simple means of transport.