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What’s the buzz with fashion bags? What’s with the satchels, the purses, and the fanny packs? I’ll tell you, they’re a girl’s wildest dream! What’s better than waking up to your sweetheart bestowing upon you Cupid Satchel by Rebecca Minkoff. You ask him why and return to you saying because he loves you. These bags are a way of showing your love to a significant other. I mean, it’s one of the many ways you can make her happy.

However, don’t give a guy these fashion bags because he’ll just see it as storage for all his dull things. I am using that stereotype; I mean if you’re a guy and like these I don’t judge. I’m a guy and I think they are pretty good looking. Anyways, looking at the Adele Sequin Miniaudiere by Tory Burch, this bag is the ideal fashion statement for any woman on the go. It’s small, portable, and comes in an emerald green that would just bring your eyes. Oh, you don’t have green eyes? I’m sorry; my fantasy girl has always been one with green eyes. Not that I wouldn’t be with a woman with blue eyes it’s just a preference. Whenever you have the time, take a look at the Fringe Bucket Bag by Simone Camille and notice the hard work put into this unique bag.

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You have the shaggy fringe going all the way down past the base of the purse and then the antique coins laced across the top. It has an interior of three pockets and comes with a shoulder strap and dust bag. Just picture yourself walking down the street getting ohs and ahs from people passing you jealously wearing there k-mart bags. You’re independent and you’re gorgeous. Believe me when I say this because between you and me, I’m a pretty honest guy. So I’m going to give you my honest opinion, the ONE by Meli Melo. It is made of wrinkled leather and is the perfect purse size. It has a main flap that is secured with a buckle including an extra shoulder strap.

Metal protects the bottom and contains a patch and zip pocket. I mean if had had this bag, remember I ‘m a guy, I would strut my stuff up and down the street and-probably laughed at. Let’s hope I’m not wearing heels either. Writing an article like this makes me real in touch with my feminine side. So don’t judge me, I do this to pay the bills and I really love my job. Just remember, any of these high fashion bags are a great buy. I don’t know what your price range is but, any of these fashion bags are a good save up. So, when you get your paycheck, save that in a little area called “Saved for Fashion Bags” I hope you really enjoyed this as much as I did writing it and if you’re looking for a bag that is fashionable and stylish, the three listed above are some of the best.

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