Skiwear on the High Street

  • Sumo

A skiing holiday is an introduction to a world of glamorous people, adventurous activity and vibrant and exciting après-ski. Just as the perfect bikini is a must for your sunshine beach holiday, so too do the slopes require a certain level of investment in apparel. Wearing the correct clothing is important to keep the skier safe, warm and dry; but it is possible to have all that and look good too!

Your first criterion is to be noticed, try blending hot pink, bright yellow and lively blues to make sure you stand out from the crowd and turn heads as you go. To be really on trend opt for a fluorescent or highly patterned ‘onesie’ – the all in one ‘80s style suits are back on the slopes, particularly in Val d’Isere, an Alpine resort known to attract young party goers,  and look set to stay for the foreseeable future. If head-to-toe colour is really not your bag, add some pizzazz to your outfit with touches of colour; fluorescent gloves, bright scarves and vivid coloured hats will all pull the outfit together and add a touch of cheerful brightness. Ski boots are available in on-trend gold tones, which look great for après ski after a busy day on the slopes too.

Topshop carries a limited range of fashionable ski clothing, crafted from the high quality, suitable fabrics which not only look gorgeous, but also work to keep the wearer cool, collected and comfortable on the slopes. Helly Hanson and Oakley all feature ski-wear this season for all occasions, not just the slopes. Their clothing is not the cheapest available, but they do offer solid quality, superb tailoring and the garments will stand the test of time. For the more budget conscious skier Primark and T K Maxx have this season produced range of ski-wear, which means that everyone can look fabulous while mastering the slopes, even if it is for the very first time.

The second feature of ski-wear has to be performance; not yours, that of the clothing. Ski and snowboard experts cannot emphasise the benefits of layering any more strongly and this is because it has a dual benefit. The base layer should fit snugly, be warm and cover as much of the torso as possible, a longer-length thermal shirt with long sleeves fits the bill admirably. Modern fabrics have been treated so they wick away sweat and other moisture from the skin, stopping that uncomfortable clammy feeling that can otherwise occur.

Next should be a looser fit, but still warm, over-shirt – this is where you colour and fashion sense can really exert themselves! Finally, add the water-proof and wind-proof layer. North Face produce excellent jackets and coats, designed for even quite extreme temperatures, and these now come in a striking range of colours and these are available at many High Street stores. Match your ski pants (similar to leggings) or salopettes (water-proof, wind-proof over-trousers that frequently come with a very high waist and braces to the top) appropriately to your top half, these tend not to be the same colour as your top half but certainly something that compliments it. A bold patterned jacket with plain black pants is a popular, ever-classic look on the slopes.

The nightlife offered in ski resorts allows skiers and boarders the opportunity to look their best. For comfort it is not advised to head out to the pubs and clubs straight from the slopes, as wearing ski boots for any length of time can be very tiring for the legs and ankles, not to mention being particularly difficult to walk in. Nip back to the chalet, slip on your UGGs, switch any damp layers for fresh warm ones, trade your bulky ski gloves for some cashmere softies, pop your faux fur headband on and then throw your ski jacket on top  – the extra warmth is always useful.

From keeping you safe and sound during your ski holiday, to looking fabulous both on and off the slopes, the High Street can provide the full range of ski-wear that you might need on your skiing holiday – to help you look and feel your best on the slopes this season.


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