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These days, there’s even more pressure than ever on men to look their best at all times. While most of us manage to do enough to get by when it comes to style, there are still those who struggle at times to know what the right thing to wear is and when is the right time to wear it. Follow these easy men’s fashion tips and you won’t go wrong.

Make Sure Everything Matches

This is really simple stuff, but some men still manage to get it wrong so it’s worth saying. If you’re wearing a pair of brown shoes, your belt, watch strap and any other accessories should also be brown. There’s no room for interpretation on this unfortunately, match these things and it’ll look great, if you don’t, it’s going to look strange. This tip is as easy as anything to remember and if you struggle knowing how to build an outfit, it will immediately improve your dress sense.

Mens Fashion Style Tips

Colour Co-Ordination

Similar to the first tip, but more related to your actual clothes. Make sure that the colours you’re wearing are complimentary. Blues, Greys and Whites all work well together, as do Browns, Reds and Greens. It’s just a case of common sense, if you struggle to know what colours match, do some research and learn what you can pair together, it’ll be worth it when you realise you’ve become much more clued up about your style.

Keep Formal Wear Simple

When you’re dressing for a formal occasion, there’s a temptation to go all out. This however can prove counterproductive. Try to keep your formal wear simple; a grey suit with a plain white shirt and a red or blue tie gives you effortless style. If you feel the need to add any accessories, a plain tie pin or some simple cufflinks are enough. Whatever anyone tells you, a black shirt and white tie combination doesn’t look good, unless you’re hoping to be mistaken for a waiter or a magician.

Shop Around

Thanks to online shopping, there has never been so much choice for men fashion-wise. This means that you shouldn’t have to settle for second best. Let’s say for example that you’re looking for a pale blue, double-cuff shirt, but you can only find a dark blue, single-cuff shirt when you go out shopping. What you should never do in this scenario is to settle and buy the dark blue shirt; you wanted the pale blue shirt for a reason. Check again next time you go to the shops, fashion outlets are constantly updating their stock. Spend a bit of time searching for what you want online as well, you’re likely to find the perfect piece on the web if you can’t find anything elsewhere.

Don’t Overspend

It’s easy to buy designer labels with the assumption that they will be better value for money. Whilst it’s nice for every man to have some designer pieces in his wardrobe, make sure you check out what’s on offer on the high street and online. You’ll be surprised by the choice and quality available to you. Buying a good percentage of your clothes either online or on the high street leaves you with more money in your pocket, without compromising your style.

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