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Every year we all have the same thoughts about what we are going to buy for our loved ones.

There is so much choice in the shops these days; this article will look at some the gifts that you can buy.

For the Techie

If you loved one is in to their gadgets there are a number of gadgets that you could buy for them.

  • Kindle Fire HD – This stunning 7” HD display will allow you loved one to surf the web download app, books and games.  It will also allow them to watch movies.
  • iPad mini – With its 7.9-inch display it is still every inch an iPad just on a smaller scale
  • IPhone 5 – This is the thinnest lightest iPhone ever, with 4G connectivity allowing them to access the internet quicker.

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Thrill Seeker

We all have an inner self that likes all things thrilling here are some suggestions for the thrill seeker

  • Supercar Drive – If you or your partner has ever dreamt of driving a supercar then this is the gift for them, they can get behind the wheel of a Ferrari 360 or even the Aston Martin V8 Vantage DB9.
  • Airkix Indoor Skydiving – Experience the thrill of defying gravity with an indoor skydiving experience.


What better way to get over the hangover of Christmas and New Year than treating you partner to a two-night break or even a Deluxe Pamper day.


If you have children, there is a good chance that you will spoil them at Christmas however; the economic climate has probably taken its toll on your finances if like most kids they want the latest piece of kit there are suitable alternatives on the market let’s look at some alternatives.

  • Google Nexus 7 at more than half the price of an iPad the Nexus 7 is great alternative at only 12 oz. this tablet pc boasts all the premium features that they will need including a compact but crystal clear HD display, 1.2 megapixel camera and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Galaxy S III is the choice for most people as an alternative to the iPhone

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Fashion Conscious

For the fashion conscious, you could always buy them some clothes, depending on the person this could end up saving you some money, however you need to remember their tastes.

T-Shirts are always a favourite with the younger generation especially if it has their favourite band or TV show on it.

Some teenagers are even favouring some of the retro t-shirts that can be bought these days.

Chris Smith designs and sells Funny T-Shirts at Christmas and always tries to keep them unique.

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