Sandblasting Technique to Furnish Timeless Beauty to Crystal Awards and Trophies

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Incredible is the human mind that has learned to utilize even the destructive things for their benefits and their good. Don’t you agree? How about sand erosions, doesn’t that remind you of the disastrous scenes due to this natural calamity. Anyways, again its human-mind and it would get inspired even from the destructive things to utilize them for their benefit and their good.

At first, men started using sand blasting for cleaning purposes. Machines were developed that can well blast sand across surfaces to clean them, and everybody liked the concept and the work too. However, in the present era they have made the best and the most beautiful use of it. They have used sand blasting to personalize or decorate numerous materials, like the most stunning fine crystal.

Hence, with this sense of incredibility and timeless beauty, sand blasted personalized crystal awards and trophies have become one of the epitomes in recognition awards. They appear fragile, yet they are stunning, and so anybody who gets such an award or trophy feels special and fortunate about getting one. Hence, you might be thinking about how the creative minds utilize the sandblasting technique for creating such beautiful pieces? Well, the ways are quite simple to understand.

Is It Only ‘Sand’ That Is Used In Sandblasting?

Not actually, in-fact in the present era sands are rarely been used in sandblasting. The reason for the same is the health risks that it may cause to the workers, especially lung diseases like silicosis. Hence, men have been using numerous other alternatives for the purpose.

Although copper slag, bits of walnut, coconut shells, steel grit, etc have been well known for being utilized for sandblasting, but when it comes to crystal awards and trophies, mostly powdered abrasives are used.

What Tools Do One Need For Creating These Stunning Awards?

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Using sandblasting technique to beautify the awards and trophies is all about rubbing the powdered abrasives against the product’s surface, and then personalizing it. Hence, you would primarily need the abrasive, an air compressor, and the blaster nozzle to carry out the process.

Through compressed air nozzle the flow of these abrasives are directed against the crystal surface. Now on these rough surfaces stencils or masks are used to personalize the award with logos, appreciate words, designs etc.

What Designs Can You Expect From Sandblasting Your Product?

Sand carvers can well create beautiful engraved crystal pieces, and you might get amazed at the artistic design that would finally evolve from it. If you wish they can even carve realistic images, faces, or whatever you ask for, on your product. Even three dimensional realistic designs are also possible that can make your awards and trophies more stunning.

Above all, it’s all about the artistic skill that the sand carvers put in, and the modern technology which has made it possible for you to actually get such amazingly designed awards. Needless to mention, such great artistic pieces of art in an award enhances its value and its significance even more.

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