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Sam Edelman women’s shoes have been popping up everywhere and for good reason. These shoes are some of the most versatile, yet classy shoes, that are fit for nearly any occasion due to their variety. In short, there is a Sam Edelman for you no matter who you are! The Emma is a perfect pair of shoes for the understated professional office environment. They have flat bottoms and are in colors that are neutral palette. This means that you can wear it with a variety of outfits.

Keegan or Edelman?

On the other hand the Keegan is a perfect shoe that mimics some style cues from the Native Americans such as the soft tan suede. In addition the feather that hangs from the side of this shoe is a particularly nice touch. The modest but important heel on this boot suggests that it would be great with a pair of boot-cut jeans and a nice top. These style cues are very subtle however.
If you are looking for something with a perfect western flair, then look no further than the Shane from Sam Edelman. These shoes are leather with adobe print that are reminiscent of ladies cowboy boots. These could easily be worn to a rodeo, social, or country music performer’s concert. These feature a lovely side zip, and a variety of other cues that point to southern fashion accents. Also if you are looking for something to wear this with. There are a plethora of jackets, vests, and leather that go with this look completely.


Sam Edelman shoes are remarkably cheap for the overall quality. Regardless of if you need eveningwear or shoes that are great for an energetic stroll on the town, there is something for every style, genre, and individual look. These shoes are made widely available through online stores, or various brick and mortar locations. This is part of the universal appeal of Sam Edelman. Also, as Sam Edelman came up with more and more partnerships, there are a variety of other stores that carry Sam Edelman shoes now, as well. If you are attempting to buy a shoe that can work in a variety of situations, is second to none in comfort, or is able to suit your style, and last for a long time, look no further than the Sam Edelman brand.

Sam Edelman Elegant Shoes

This recognition does not come without a price though. Many international counterfeiters have been attempting to copy this shoe for the brand recognition and the solid price point for years. Unfortunately, though they can not always be captured, there are a variety of other ways to curtail their presence on the market. Edelman continues to employ committees to eradicate, and alleviate the presence of the fake shoes on the open market. Since the advent of these  committees, the number of counterfeit Sam Edelman shoes has drastically gone down, not only across the country, but also across the world.

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