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The 23-year-old event and MySpace megastar (whose songs you are probably singing right now) recipes on songs, sex, Crazy, Katy Perry and, yes, Bob Darkish. “I think loyalty is the greatest freedom in life,” she says in Glamour’s Magazine Sept 2011 concern take care of story—read the full appointment when the concern visits newsstands on May 9. Perspective her take care of photograph images, then head over to our MySpace web page for an unique movie, plus outtakes from Rihanna’s shoot!

“I dislike excitement. But at the same time, nothing troubles me more than when daily ideal. And which is the tired aspect. I just really like a obstacle, whether it’s a connection, my profession, clothing…”
Dress, Marc Jacobs; amazingly and pill bracelets, Stephen Russell; bracelets, Rhianna own; sneakers, Religious christian louboutin.

“Getting clothed, I want to choose the most unusual couple of bermuda so I can decide how to create it look right, or perform an attire that will get individuals to go, “What the terrible is she wearing?”
Sweater, dress, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci; precious stone stud jewelry, Amrapali; band, Rhianna own.

“I want to set the right example and, as well, stay my life….I experience like pop celebrities can not be mountain celebrities nowadays because they have to be heroines, and it requires the fun out of it for us, because we just want to have fun with art.”

“There’s a package. It’s me, Crazy, Katy Perry, Beyonce…who else? Ke$ha, for sure. Females are definitely taking over songs right now, and which is because we are very competitive creatures. I experience like songs has not been this interesting in a while.”

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