Three Reasons to Buy Running Shoes Online

  • Sumo

Running shoes can be very expensive. Some shoes from major manufacturers can be as much as one hundred pounds for a pair of shoes. If you run very often, this can become very prohibitively expensive. Many running experts suggest replacing your running shoes every three hundred miles (five hundred kilometres) or so. For some runners, this means new shoes every three months.

At one hundred pounds per pair, a new pair of shoes every three months means that some runners are paying four hundred pounds per year for shoes. Many runners are paying even more than this each year.

One cost saving option is to search for cheap trainers online. You might be wary of trainers that you have never tried on, but there are a few reasons to consider internet shopping.

  1. Older Models

Running shoes, like cars, come out with new models periodically. These new models are often considered improvements on the old versions, but in reality they are usually very similar. So you might be wondering what happens to the older versions if athletics companies are producing new models every year or so.

The previous versions of shoes are often placed on clearance online. Some discontinued models are available for as cheap as seventy-five percent off. The previous versions of shoes are usually very similar to the newest models as well.

  1. Wider Selection

A local sports or running store has a very limited selection of shoes due to the very fact that they are a physical location. A brick and mortar store has to order and store shoes that they think they will sell. An online retailer orders shoes from a warehouse so that the selection is going to be much wider.

Also, shoe manufacturers often send their discontinued shoes and their overstock to online retailers to be sold at discounted rates.

If you have an unusual shoe size, whether it be very small or very large, finding shoes that fit in a brick and mortar store can be very difficult. Sometimes, it can be impossible to find trainers you like. Oftentimes, shoe manufacturers will make a smaller selection of shoes in those unusual sizes. Though they are available, they are rarely available in physical stores because they do not sell very often. However, they are widely available at online retailers.

Much like uncommon sizes, uncommon colour schemes are rarely available at brick and mortar stores. You probably want to express your unique personality through the colours on your shoes, but physical stores are often limited to very neutral colours. At an online retailer, you can usually customize your shoes to match your personality.

  1. Price

In addition to older models, shoes from online retailers are cheaper than shoes from physical stores because there is much less overhead. A brick and mortar store has to pay employees, utilities, property taxes, rent, and other such expenses. Online retailers can run with much less overhead cost, and the savings are passed along to you. Also, you don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople.