Real Leather Jacket Is Easy To Identify

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The Outwear item Leather jacket is one of the most versatile product of the fashion industry. It is perfect for every family member. The leather jacket is suitable with almost everything from jeans to normal trousers and last for years. One has to take a proper care of the leather jacket so that it can last long. The fundamental problem related with buying a leather jacket is the identification of the real leather. The most of the buyers are not aware of the real leather. This article will clear all the doubts from the minds of buyers regarding the identification of the real leather.

real leather jackets for women

  • The leather jacket is the manufacture of pigskin, sheepskin and cowhide. The true leather jacket is the combination of the natural process and synthetic process. The process to identify the real leather jacket is the feeling of touch. The real leather will be from the one single source and uniform . It is also will not feel as though it is a blend of multiple synthetic fibers.
  • The real leather is soft, chunky and flexible, and the pure leather has some pores on it which are clear. The synthetic leather also has some pore on it, but these pores are not clear. So one can identify the real leather by minute observation of these pores on both the real leather as well as a synthetic leather jacket.
  • The back side of synthetic leather has a layer of material as a canvas which is there to increase its ductility potency. However, in the back side of real leather there is no layer of material as a canvas. The another process is that one can smell the fabric and will notice the difference between real leather jacket and fake leather jacket. The genuine leather has a typical strong scent while fake leather does not have such scent. The artificial leather jacket has a pungent smell while the real leather jacket has a peculiar smell.
  • The other way is that the mark on real leather will fade extremely slowly just like a normal body skin. However, The mark on the synthetic leather will disappear almost immediately.
  • The artificial leather has a set pattern in the grain and will repeat throughout the jacket while real leather is like fingerprints and is random or different all over the jacket.
  • The real leather jacket usually bears labels showing made from synthetic fibers’ or man-made material’. This is not particularly true in all cases because all fabricator are not honest in the labeling, however, the purchase of leather jacket from a street vendor or a disreputable store, it may not have a label at all.
  • There is one other way to identify the real leather is that one can drip a few small drops of water on the surface of the jacket. The pores of the real leather will soon absorb the water while fake leather will hold the water droplets until roll off or evaporate.

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