Ray ban wayfarer Sunglasses

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‘Genuine since 1937’ is the slogan of Ray Ban. As the slogan indicates Ray Ban, a brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses is founded by ‘Bausch and Lamb’ an American company, in 1937. Wayfarer and the Aviator style of sunglasses are the ones for which the name Ray Ban is famous. Since 1999 onwards this belongs to Italian Luxottica group for $640 million.

In 1952, a classic style of Ray Ban was created, the Ray Ban Wayfarer. These had plastic frames. In 1955’s movie ‘Rebel without a cause’ James Dean can be seen wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers which gained a lot of publicity in Hollywood.

Ray Ban wayfarers sunglasses design was a revolutionary break from the metal eyewear of the past.Wayfarers enjoyed popularity in 1950’s and 1960’s.

Ray Ban wayfarers became famous after the celebrities such as Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and James Dean were seen in public and on television and movies wearing Wayfarers.

New Wayfarer classic RB2312

Ambermatic Lenses and Wayfarers

A Kind of transitional lenses were introduced in 1978. These are Amber in colour and had colour transitional properties. These change colour from Gold to Brown as per the weather conditions. These had few other good qualities like blocking glare, improving contrast and sharpening details. They are ideal for winter sports and conditions.

In 2014, Ray Ban allowed people to vote on which popular Ray Ban model, either wayfarers, or Clubmasters would get the lens. Ray Ban wayfarers got the votes in its favour after which a limited production of the line will be created.

Wayfarer Designs

New Wayfarer classic RB2312

New Wayfarer classic sunglasses are an updated version of classic wayfarer. These offer a smaller frame and slightly softer eye shape. These are available as classic black frames in a variety of lens treatments including crystal green, bi-gradient, G 15 polarised and mirror styles. These offer high level of visual clarity and perfection along with being easy fit.

These are available in 9 styles.

Original Wayfarer Matte RB2140

Frame with a matte finish, these are edgy to touch and feel. Offered in a variety of colors and different lens treatment including crystal brown, crystal green and crystal grey gradient.

These are available in 3 styles.

Original Wayfarer Polar Special series

Original wayfarer Polar special series combine special polarised lenses with colours including Polar green, Polar grey and polar blue. These were designed in 1952 and were highly appreciated for their legendary legacy that they carried.

A polarised lens reduces brightness of shiny surfaces, reduces reflections and enhances contrast. These provide natural vision by blocking out most of the blue light thus improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain.

It is available in 2 styles.

Wayfarer Junior

Erika Junior RJ9060S are crafted in a child- size version in a design inspired by Original Wayfarer Classic. These offer durable frame with lenses providing complete coverage from harmful ultra violet rays. These are comfortable and prescription lens friendly along with being stylish.

These absorb 85% of visible light and blocks most of the blue light thus providing ‘natural vision’.

Original Wayfarers Denim RB2140

Original Wayfarer Denim are crafted from 100% genuine denim. These are available in 6 cool colours.

There are other designs such as New Wayfarer Classic and New Wayfarer Matte and many others.