Prove Yourself as an Accredited Jeweler

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Jewelers are more than just sales associates. They operate the store, interact with customers, and keep the jewelry industry moving. While they need to be in tune with the desires and trends of the industry and its customers, they also need to understand jewelry on its most basic level.

Just as most careers require training and education, accredited jewelers need to take that extra step to set themselves apart. There are actually educational programs that are designed to prepare you for the sales floor. Most of them only take a couple of weeks, or you can knock it out in a few days by taking courses all day.

Choosing the right piece of jewellery takes a good eye

To become an accredited jewelry professional, the program focuses on several different aspects. First, and most importantly, it will teach you product knowledge. Second, you will learn proven sales techniques. Here you will develop the confidence any salesperson would need to make the experience unforgettable. If your customers feel comfortable with you and believe that you are providing accurate information, they will refer you to their friends and come back next time they need a sparkling piece of jewelry.

Many of these accredited jeweler courses are offered through community colleges or through an online program. The online program is extremely advantageous because you can study from home or anywhere else you can get internet access. Most are designed to keep you engaged and motivated so that you gain all the practical and relevant skills as opposed to simply a certificate.

All accredited jewelers will learn about the value of diamonds. This means that the program will teach you how to communicate the language of diamonds. You will need to be able to explain to your customers what certain aspects of a diamond are and how they are reflected in a piece of jewelry. For example, clarity is an important part of diamonds. If you can clearly state what clarity in a diamond means and show different styles, the customer will appreciate your knowledge and feel comfortable making an investment in your shop.

A jeweler must also understand styles, designs, and the manufacturing features that go into making a piece of jewelry. While some styles and designs may change with passing seasons, others are classics that you must be more familiar with. You must be able to match with it with other pieces of jewelry, colors, and even outfits.

Of course, to become an accredited jeweler, you must learn all about jewels. You need to know all there is to know about treated, imitation, and synthetic stones. For example, some stones work better with certain metals or settings due to their hardness. Others wear better than others for daily jewelry.

While your customers will not know that you took a program to become an accredited jeweler unless you tell them or display your certificate of graduation, they will know that you are jeweler who is intelligent in the field and capable of providing the best possible service.

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