Few Prom Dress Trends you Should Never Miss Out

  • Sumo

It is commonly said that you are going to look your best in what you like best and what you are most comfortable in. therefore, if you have at least little fashion sense, you can really look good without having to worry much. In addition, you need confidence and some idea about the current trends. Even if your figure doesn’t allow you to experiment with any and everything in fashion, you can still mix up some of the in trends with that of your own. Similarly you can dress up for the prom party too.

Your prom night fashion

Five prom night trends which would always be fashionable are:

prom dress trends

  1. Metallic hues – Metallic hues can never go wrong and has been in fashion all along. So, may it be a gown or a short dress or a top, you can pick one for the prom night party. It can be in gold, silver, metallic black, pink, green, blues or even mixed prints and more. Light colored metallic dresses can be teamed up with dark colored metallic accessories and shoes.
  2. The retro looks – Retro look has made a comeback for quite some time now and it seems that it is here to stay for long. You can actually look cute in a retro styles dress or suit. It is not only about the dresses, but the accessories and the hairstyles too will have to be made p in the retro style.
  3. Tuxedo – Tuxedo provides that elegant charm to your look. However, tuxedo is not only about being elegant, but about being chic too. Just like the girls prom nights are equally exciting for the boys. So, they have to look their best too. Tuxedo can give help you look all manly and serious, and yet help retain the cute boyish look.
  4. Glam gowns – Glam gowns have always been, are and will always be in vogue for any and every party. So, you can choose any style as per your liking and your figure starting from the simple ones, the ones with frills, ones with ruches, ones with illusion styles, and single or double sleeved ones and more. There are options galore, if you are going to choose a gown for the prom night party. You can get the gowns in different hues starting from the ombre hues, to black and white, to pastel shades, floral and peppy colored ones to printed and laced and more.
  5. Laces and frills – Dresses with laces and frills are still in for the prom. So, if you want to look cute and yet elegant, choose a gown which have been styled with laces and frills and beads and sequins. These not only look good, but at the same time lace lends an ethereal look to the dress. Laces and frills can be found not only with gowns, but also if you are opting to wear short dresses.

The above are some of the trends which would look good on almost everybody. Start shopping for the right prom dress 2013. You can shop for these online and one such website is DressFirst.