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Nowadays, there is a wide range of cosmetic accessories that have specialized uses and functions, especially makeup applicators for the eyes. These products, specifically eye brushes, provide the user with a higher degree of control and allow for a more precise application, which inevitably leads to a more aesthetically pleasing result. Some of these cosmetic brush sets come in environmental-friendly forms, which includes lines such as the Bdellium and E.L.F. brush sets, and also the EcoTools eye brush set.

These specialized brushes have varying shapes and characteristics that define their functions and the way they apply eye makeup. Even though there is a significant number of eye brush types in the market today, there are really only a few essential eye makeup brushes that women need to achieve stunning eye effects. The essential brush types are as follows:


Large Eye Brush

This type of eye brush has thicker and more compressed bristles that produce a more prominent shadow consistently over the eyelids. The more compact bristles are best for applying different types of eye color.

Angled Crease Brush

This type of brush is best for rubbing and blending colors over the eyelids. For those who love to blend and play with colors, this brush is perfect for use. Using the angled crease brush, one can achieve a stunning effect simply by finding the perfect color combination to match the shape of the eyes, producing a dazzling look.

Petite Eye Shading Brush

This is the smaller version of the angled crease brush which is also used to blend colors. The special, more compact design of the petite eye shading brush is perfect for delicately applying color for setting under-eye concealer.

Highlighting Brush

The highlighting brush is designed to even out the look, rather than give the illusion of unblemished skin. The brush is used to add sheer to the color of the face for a more charming look. For women who want a blushing or a more exotic highlight, this is the best brush type to use.

Smudge Brush

The smudge brush is excellent for producing a misty effect to expertly enhance the perfect shape of the eyes by putting emphasis on the lash line and adding an expanding effect on the corner of the eyes.

The Complete Package

These specialized brush types are enough for a woman to achieve a spectrum of eye effects, which will surely make the eyes lovelier and more dazzling. There are other types of eye brushes available, but with a little research and practice, the brush types here are sufficient in producing one’s desired effect.

The added precision and control will also encourage women to be more adventurous and to experiment with a wide variety of color combinations and effects, which can easily lead to a more engaging and stunning look. This, ultimately, can make a woman feel better about herself, allowing her to be more confident and self-assured.

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