Plantar Fasciitis Treatment With Shoes

  • Sumo

If you are experiencing pain in the heel while walking it may be the cause of Plantar Fasciitis. It occurs when you experience part of the bottom heel being inflamed. It can cause through any injury while walking or after a sport. Whatever may be the reason be it can be cured through wearing special shoes which are a part of the Plantar Fasciitis treatment. Note that wearing wrong footwear can reduce the entire healing process by weeks or even months.

Shoes for this treatment must provide a supporting basement to the heel to ease the stress. You may get this disease if the arch of your foot is under supported or if the plantar fascia band is overused. When the arch starts to collapse you feel the pain and the plantar fascia muscle band stretches and gets micro tears. Shoes will be considered plantar fasciitis shoes when they have firm heel counters, minimal midsole bend or twist, flexible at the toebox, strong arch support and secure closure system.

Arch: the key element

If you are a sport person then proper arch support is very important to continue enjoying your game. Best footwear for heel pain and plantar fasciitis provides specific targeting on various problems related to the disease. The main moto of the shoe is to provide you with adequate arch support. It is advised to consult with a doctor before choosing any type of shoes. Footwear for women who are suffering from this disease is manufactured uniquely, based on a different physique.

Wearing heels and having pain are the sides of the same coin. Wearing heels not only cause foot stress but it also causes back pain. That is why it is recommended to opt for sneakers which give relaxation to heels and also provides the best arch support for women. Sneakers provide a comfortable platform for women on constant movement. The soles are generally flat which is best for the treatment of plantar fasciitis.

Tips on treatment for heel pain

Protective shoes are generally used in the treatment of the disease. It is manufactured with extra cushioning primarily focusing on the foot arch. The already stress points of the feet are well cushioned so that continuous impact on the ground while walking or running does not occurs further damage to plantar fascia. Best footwear for heel pain and plantar fasciitis give underlying comfort for people who are standing for prolonged periods.

The shoes are specifically built to give balanced support to the foot bed. Shoes that have midsoles and can absorb impacts instead of passing it to the feet are the best one to buy for. Stretching exercises is must for the effected individuals. It helps to ease the calf and the Achilles tendon. When you are buying any shoe from the store make sure you toe has enough space. Avoid wearing shoes that don’t have a heel. This is because it does not provide any support and passes on the shocks to your feet for thin layer of sole.