Picking the Perfect New Years Eve Party Outfit

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new year partyWhether you’re headed out for a big night on the town or planning a casual house party with your nearest and dearest, you’ll want the ideal New Years outfit to feel your best and get 2013 off to a stylish start. Before the festive season gets into full swing, here are a few simple tips to help you nail that New Years look:

Go Figure

While it’s safe to say you really can’t go wrong with the ever-stylish Little Black Dress, there are those of us who will find the extra Christmas kilos make that reliable little number a bit of a squeeze. Fortunately, there are plenty of styles available this season to flatter those fuller post-Christmas figures. Invest in the perfect peplum dress to highlight your waist and hide your tummy, or embrace the “roaring twenties” trend inspired by The Great Gatsby with an elegant but loose-fitting flapper dress. For a more casual ensemble, take a tip from Kate Moss and put together a laid-back but stylish New Years party outfit including black leggings and pumps, complimented by a long, flowing top in champagne or pale gold. This way you’ll be able to ring in the New Year in comfort and style – those crash-diet resolutions can wait ‘til after midnight!

All that Glitters?

When you’re surrounded by festive flair and fairy lights, adding some sequins to your holiday wardrobe proves somewhat irresistible; and while there’s nothing wrong with a bit of sparkle, you don’t want to end up with a New Year’s outfit that makes you look like a Christmas tree or a disco ball! To add just the right festive touch to your ensemble, save the glittery stuff for your accessories – a pair of sequined shoes, a sparkling set of manicured nails or even some jewel-toned eyeliner matched with a more muted party frock will work wonders.

new years eve party dresses

The Little Details

There’s no point putting together the perfect outfit for a New Years party if you’re not going to put the same amount of effort into your hair, nails and make up. Pay attention to detail from head to toe for a perfectly polished look. Chances are you’ll be partying all night and well into the small hours of the morning, so you’ll want a look that won’t wear off halfway through. Think low-maintenance hair, a quality make up primer to prevent smudges and of course, chip-free nail varnish. Its little touches like these that will keep you looking fresh and fab all the way into the New Year.

Once you’ve picked that perfect New Years party outfit, it’s time to pop the champagne and toast the beginning of a gorgeous new start!

Nicky Warner is a London-based blogger and fashion fanatic who can’t wait to hit the high street in search of the perfect gingham shirt for New Years Eve.