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There a chill in the air, leaves are falling, and jumpers are getting thicker. It’s autumn, again, already. With the changes in seasons comes a change in wardrobe, but have you considered updating your hairstyles too? The end of the summer can mean a reduction in humidity meaning that some styles you weren’t able to master over the summer are now possible, and at the same time, styles that were perfect for long, warm days just won’t look the same with big coats and cosy sweaters.

So, what to do with your locks now that winter’s approaching? Here are some of the quickest and simplest styles to suit your chilly weather wardrobe.

While loose curls are a must for summer, tighter, simple curls are brilliant for the colder months. They look great when poking out from under a warm, chunky-knit wool hat, or when they’re surrounding earmuffs. If you’ve got quite short hair, consider some clip-in extensions for the added length. An easy way to get curls if your hair isn’t naturally wavy is to section your hair while it’s wet, twist each, small section as tight as you can and blow dry the section a bit to help it keep its shape when it dries.

Ballerina Bun
When you’re strolling around in the autumnal sun, bundled up in your scarves, a simple and easy hairstyle can be brilliant addition to your outfit. Your hair won’t tickle your neck or get tangle. This style is particularly good for when you need to leave the house before you’ve had a chance to dry your hair properly. You won’t feel so cold with your hair up as you would with long, damp locks when you get outside.

Tricky Plaits
Waking up in the dark in the morning can sometimes be disheartening and losing the inspiration to style your hair each day isn’t uncommon. Spicing up your plaits is one way to add a bit of style to your hair without adding too much work. Try a five strand plait, or a fishtail instead of a simple ponytail. Angle your plait to the side to make it even more interesting.

Autumn hair styles

This is a bit of a cheat as it isn’t a style, but a bit of colour does certainly brighten up the dark winter months. This year in particular, the ‘dip-dye’ is growing in popularity. Appearing in a number of runway shows at Fashion Week, the models had the very bottom of their hair, maybe a quarter or a fifth of its total length, dyed a shade to make a stark contrast to their natural colour. If you want to give it a try, consider a few shades either darker if your hair is light, or lighter or copper-toned if your hair is dark. If you’re extra brave, choose a wild colour like teal, fuchsia, or another rich autumnal shade.

Adding a fringe to your usual look isn’t as much a day to day decision as it is a style choice, but the autumn can be the perfect time to make a change. In the summer, the heat can make your fringe act up, but the cooler autumnal weather will allow your fringe to keep the shape you want it to. A fringe looks lovely peeking out from underneath a cute hat as well!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your views, using the perfect colour in the winter season can easily growing your popularity and attraction. I fully agree with you that the autumn is the perfect time to change your style. Thanks again.

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