On Makeup Beauty Tips: 10 Mishaps We So Often Make

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Makeup is almost a woman’s twin sister because many of us feel born to use it and simply cannot imagine life without it. Makeup is a part of almost every woman’s daily routine, and indeed a mark of woman’s success or even her failure. Makeup really can boost a woman to success and it really can also be a woman’s failure. It is important to know the different make up mishaps that women can commonly have.

Makeup Beauty Tips

1. The Demarcation Lines

Have you ever looked in the mirror saying “why do I look like I’m wearing a mask on my face?” Those lines that you can see on your chin or hairline are demarcation lines, and can make you look like you are wearing some kind of carnival mask.

Demarcation lines are usually the result of an uneven application of foundation on the face and they also indicate an improper blending of the foundation. Another possible cause for them is that you may be using the wrong tool for application or the foundation is too thick to be blended well. To solve these problems you could do one of the following:

  • Mix the foundation with a moisturiser or with water, as this will create a lighter and smoother texture;
  • Try to blend the edges of the foundation, this can be done using a dampened makeup sponge;
  • Apply the foundation under your chin and blend it with the skin on your neck.

2. The Foundation Mismatch

A foundation mismatch can occur for a number of reasons and one of these is the artificial lighting where you bought the foundation. Artificial lighting in a shop can make it difficult to know the true color of the foundation that you are buying. Another reason can be a mistaken testing of the foundation on the back of your hands, because this approach often does not match the colour of your face. To prevent these things from happening you can try some of the following:

  • Test the foundation in a place where there is natural light such as by a window or a door;
  • Test different brands so you know which one suits you best;
  • Clean your face of all make up then test the foundation along your chin instead of testing on the back of your hands.

3. The Scarlet Fever Cheeks

Are you okay, do you have fever? These are some of the odd questions that people might ask you if you are wearing blush that is too “blazing” as it can make you look like you have a fever. The scarlet fever cheeks usually occur when you apply a blusher that may look okay in dim or artificial light, but looks very bright in natural light. So how can you deal with this? Here are some tips that might help:

  • If the blush is a powder, brush the excess away with a cotton wool or a brush;
  • To tone down the blush, apply a color tone powder;
  • For a cream blush, apply a mix of moisturisers and foundations to tone it down;
  • To prevent “scarlet fever” choose the right blush for your complexion, to do this you can simply pinch your cheek and choose the shade that matches the natural redness of your cheeks;
  • You can also apply your blusher using special brushes such as Susan Joy Makeup Brushes.

4. Dull or Flat Eye Shadow

Sometimes women also make the mistake of matching their eye colour with their outfits. As a rule of thumb, eye makeup should always match the shape of the eyes and their color.

This article on beauty and makeup was contributed by Joan Williams, an author on numerous health, beauty and lifestyle articles. Joan in particular guides women on makeup applications and the use of different handmade make up tools such as Susan Joy Makeup Brushes.