On Fashion: How to Avoid Apparel Mishaps

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Finding the right apparel that fits you perfectly is no easy task nevertheless it is important not to lose hope because you can train your eye to pick out the imperfections to be avoid.

If your dream is apparel that fits you perfectly, then welcome to the thousands-of-women-sharing the-same-age-old-dream club. Celebrities that you see on TV may seem to have perfected this leaving you thinking they can do this only because they have the perfect body. However, according to the celebrity stylist June Ambrose, they are not so special after all (and this coming from someone who has worked with the celebrities). Most celebrities in fact have those same imperfections that trouble most women. The thing is though is that they are pretty good at hiding these flaws, and this is the key to a fashionable and well dressed look. Find out how you can achieve the perfect fit with these helpful tips:

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• Know, Accept, and Love Your Body

Not knowing your body type and the strengths and weaknesses that come with it is probably the worst torture anyone can put themselves through. When a person is not fully aware of their body type (or simply chooses to avoid this awareness), the risk of wearing inappropriate garments is high. This is why we see rolls of fat that should not be there, the uni-breast, the back fat, and those visible stress marks on clothes. The first thing to obtain a good fit then is to know your body well, your body shape and size, and the fluctuations that you have, along with your strengths and even your flaws. Learn to love your body by learning how to dress in harmony with your body shape.

• Understand the Flaws

Our body is not perfectly symmetrical, one shoulder can be higher, one leg may be longer than the other, and one breast may also be larger than the other. These are natural asymmetries and when you choose clothes that are ill-fitting, people may see these natural asymmetries as unnatural and might even recognise them more when ill-fitting clothes make them seem obvious. This is why it is so important to know your own body.

• Don’t Focus on Diet too Much

People who experience weight fluctuations often buy clothes that they think will motivate them to diet, but although this might help you should be looking for apparel that allows you to move freely with your natural body shape. Avoid the scenario where you need to adjust your clothing week in week out every time your weight fluctuates.

• Know the Difference Between a Good fit and a Bad Fit

Training your eyes to look for imperfections is always an effective tool. When shopping and trying on clothes, you might well want to look for signs that indicate that the clothes could end up being a disaster. Here are some to bear in mind:

• Side Spills

Clothes that cut your circulation, and cause extra ripples or those pieces of clothing that simply pinch you in the middle.

• The Over tight or Saggy Crotch

The sight of extra material hanging around the crotch is not a feminine sight, on the other hand clothes that appear hug your crotch are far too revealing.

• Clothes that Grip the Armpit

Clothes that are tight around the armpit are an poor fit which means that your shoulders are too broad for the clothing.

• Looking Top-Heavy

A short-waist or boxy jacket that creates the illusion that your shoulders are twice as wide is also a poor fit.

• Bra Spillage

If the back of your cleavage is bursting out with the breasts apparently pouring over the sides, look for a good lingerie shop and ask a saleswoman to help you find the correct size.

This article has been contributed by Mary Jacks, an author of numerous articles on fashion and beauty. Mary also writes articles on cp shades clothing and ag clothing.