Norton 360 Offers More Benefits than Any Other Security Software

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There’s a reason why critics and consumers alike praise Norton 360 more than any other security software on the market. Well, many reasons, all of which support the idea that Norton 360 is the best. A consistent, reliable security solution, Norton 360 is a full package of security components that all work together in protecting your system and ensuring that your computer activity is safe from even the most dangerous of threats. With a user friendly interface, regular updates, and continuous support options, Norton 360 will leave you never wanting to use another security software again.

Norton 360

The benefits are easily noticeable upon the first scan of your system. Norton’s intricate antivirus software works to monitor your system, quickly identify threats, and remove spyware, adware, viruses, and other intrusions into your system. Meanwhile, you can visit websites at ease with Norton’s online protection software, which blocks phishing websites, evaluates content and links on social media networks, and securely stores usernames, passwords, and other information. Norton 360 also works to optimize your hard drive and eliminate sources of other common PC problems with exclusive tune-up features.

And if you’re looking for further protection, you can backup and encrypt files with a few clicks of the mouse. This is not only a great way to protect these files, but to clear up space on your hard drive and get your system running faster. All Norton 360 users have access to backup storage online through a secure data center. New cloud management features are also available. And keep in mind – all of this can be done when you’re offline or not even on your computer at all. In fact, scans and updates are made only when you’re not on your computer, ensuring the software does not interfere with fast performance. An entire list of benefits can be found on Norton’s website or antivirusbarn.