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Celebrity Hair Stylist Mark Babaii started the 2012 prize season by concentrating on pre-red carpeting planning of the locks prior to style. According to Mark, “First, we designed a change in Nicole’s locks shade looking for a light blood golden-haired. To obtain true tonal shade while helping the condition of the locks use IT&LY HAIR FASHION’s Colorly 20/20 Professional Tresses Color (www.italyhairfashion.com).”

At Mark shows, “The design creativity for Nicole’s look was my take on a modern day Veronica Lake”. To design Nicole’s locks, Mark started with Genuine Products and Restorative by IT&LY HAIR FASHION to sustain her locks shade balance while moisturizing completely with botanicals. Next, he used a bit of the plastic free Sensational Oil Tresses Elixir by Mark Babaii (www.miracleoilhairelixir.com) to add additional glow and secure the locks from heat damage. To dry, he used a little circular clean to make an extra sleek complete while boom the comes to an end under. To complete this “Veronica Lake” Look, Mark used a large gun barrel styling, metal, covering only the end part of the area around the gun barrel to make a smooth natural ocean. To complete, he created a side part and put the main area with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s Genuine Volumizing Eco Tresses Apply, gently spritzing the comes to an end for a long-lasting hold.

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According to Chief executive and CEO of IT&LY HAIR FASHION, N.A., Rich Zucckero, “I am extremely pleased to have Mark Babaii and his hair-styling abilities be a aspect of the IT&LY HAIR FASHION, N.A. Family”.

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