Why Natural Beauty Products Became So Popular & How Their Demand Affects Businesses Today

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Decades ago, before nearly every home had a computer with an internet connection, there was little demand for natural beauty products and little knowledge of their benefits compared to alternatives. Read on to learn how e-commerce changed all of that and led to a huge demand for natural beauty products that is projected to keep sky-rocketing.

What Led to This Quick Change in Beauty Habits?

Before the internet age, when people thought of cosmetics, they mainly thought of makeup. While men and women did purchase some skincare products, they were more inclined to cover up their skin problems with makeup than attempt to solve them by taking much better care of their skin.

In addition, before most people had access to the internet, they simply followed the beauty advice that circulated in just their country. For Americans, this meant embracing makeup and unnatural skincare products.

Once the internet and e-commerce emerged, people all over the world then had easy access to knowledge of natural beauty philosophies of other countries, including Indian Ayurveda.

Once consumers were able to gain knowledge of how they could improve their skin naturally, they began to embrace skincare much more. In addition, they also began to learn about the hazards of using chemical-filled makeup and skincare products due to this information being easy to access on the internet. These facts caused the natural beauty industry to sky-rocket.

Natural Beauty Products

How This Growth Affects the Spa Industry

Another natural beauty philosophy, aside from using natural beauty products, is embracing the “whole self.” Due to the internet, more people are in search of spas that offer natural treatments that cannot only help them improve the skin on their faces, but also the skin on their bodies; these services also help nourish their minds and souls.

While spa services are in high demand all over the world, the industry is not growing quickly enough to accommodate this demand. Part of this struggle is the lack of qualified, skilled spa workers who have dedicated themselves to master their crafts.

While spa owners used to be able to train new staff, clients demand well-educated spa employees who are trained to not only use natural products during their services, but truly understand the benefit of each natural beauty product and answer all of the questions they have about the products and services.

Natural Beauty Products That Are Embraced Most

Even with the knowledge that beauty consumers now have about how chemical-filled beauty products are bad for their bodies, they still demand quality natural skincare products that help them meet their skincare goals just as well as the chemical-filled products did.

Since two of the biggest skincare challenges men and women both face are dry skin and acne, natural Shea butter has become very popular, with major all natural suppliers like Eugenia Shea on the rise. Shea butter can be used as a moisturizer on all skin types. While rich, it spreads easily; a little goes a long way, even a person with very dry skin can moisturize their entire face with just a pea-sized dab.

Due to increased knowledge of how to combat acne naturally, many more people with acne know that they should not intentionally dry out their skin to fight acne. Instead, they know that keeping their skin supple not only helps eliminate acne, but prevents acne scarring. Shea butter not only helps them meet these goals, but it is 100-percent non-comedogenic. Many face creams can trigger new acne breakouts, but due to being non-comedogenic, Shea butter does not.