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When it comes to the world of girls clothing what was in last season will hardly make an impact this season. There are many benefits to allowing children to express themselves through the clothing they wear. For one, it gives them confidence and that in turn will positively affect their mood and behavior in school. Also, being on trend with the latest styles helps children to fit in socially. So this year, be sure your daughter has these fall 2012 trends for back-to-school.

1) Puffed Shoulders

That’s right, the bigger the shoulder the better. These aren’t your 1980s shoulder pads; this trend is more about the ruffle, texture, and originality of the shoulder. Seventeen Magazine named it one of the wardrobe staples of the season.

2) Skinny Jeans

This is one trend that doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. Contrary to the name, skinny jeans are not just for girls with slender builds, they are flattering on all body types. When it comes to girls clothing it is easy to become self-conscious which is why styles such as this are so great because every girl of every shape and size can rock them.

Back to School

3) Bright Colored Pants

Between the puffed shoulders and leggings, one would think they had transported back to the days of Madonna and Wham, but neon and bright colored pants are in again. Rather than wear a loud top, try picking a simple, neutral shirt or tank and pair them with a pair of brightly colored jeggings for some real pop!

4) Plaid Button-Ups

Cute, simple, and in an array of colors a plaid button-up top can really make a statement. You can truly find a plaid pattern to match any aesthetic as it comes in a variety of color combinations and pattern widths there is sure to be a plaid shirt to match your style.

5) Patterned Flats

Shoes can tie a whole ensemble together. With all of the bright colors and patterns seen in pants and tops this season, you couldn’t expect that shoes wouldn’t want in on the fun! Try a pair of sparkly bright ballet flats, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous go for an animal print such as leopard.

All of these styles are fashionable, functional, and don’t have to break the bank. After all the best kind of fashionista is the one who knows a good bargain.

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