Moving as a Piece of Cake

  • Sumo

It is very likely that at some point in your life you will be standing before a decision to resettle. You might have moved out of your parents‘ house, maybe you are thinking of moving in with your partner, moving for work reasons, or even moving to a different country. Maybe your friend is moving, and you want to help in the best way possible. Relocating abroad or just far away from where you lived can be a very exciting experience, but usually a stressful one as well. It may seem that there is just not enough time. And this is where you can make things as easy as possible by planning, de-cluttering, selling clothes online, or giving stuff away to others.

selling clothes online

Plan ahead

There is one golden rule about moving, and that is planning early. One can avoid all the complications and unpleasant surprises by simply being ahead of the schedule. A good way to start is to make a list for anything that comes to mind. You might want to contact moving agencies, get information on their prices, start exploring your boxes in the attic, or putting aside items that you will need till the last moment. You can create a countdown-calendar to stick on your fridge, so you have a visual image of the time left.

Listen to the reason

While being in the process of moving, packing, re-packing, and sorting things out, you may have some spontaneous outbreaks that seem as good ideas at the time. You may want to leave packing of your closet for later, only to find out that there is just too much stuff to handle. Or, you could start feeling completely overwhelmed and desperate. If that happens, the best way is to step back, and return to logic or intuition. If you’re sitting in a room, full of items and boxes, and everything is just too much stress, go for a walk, or to the cinema with a friend. As long as you keep the pressure off, your moving preparations can go smoothly and it will prevent you from many bad decisions.

Get your friends involved

Whether it is you who is moving or your friend, you can always make the best out of this time by inviting your friends who can either help with packing, organizing, or just keep a good company. If you are moving far away, this is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together before you leave. This can turn into a sleep-over, or a reward later by going out for a dinner. This is the time when your friends should be around, help out or make your move pleasant in other ways.

Make things simple

As you start the process of going through all the things you own, there will be many objects you don’t need, don’t know where they come from, are not your favourite, or just take space. You can offer them to your friends, leave them behind, toss them, or get some extra cash by selling them. If you want to safe some time, look into options such as selling clothes online, offering books to second-hand bookshops or giving your bed to an acquaintance. Whatever way you choose, you want to have the moving experience as easy and relaxing as possible.