Most Fashionable Cars for Man

Cars are a great way for men to show-off their style statement. There are quite a few cars that won the hearts of men and every man aspires to own them some day. Here is a carefully composed list of the most fashionable cars for men.

1. Chevrolette Corvette: The Corvette’s huge body and the colossal V8 engine make it a guy’s car. Over the years, Chevrolette has modified its hood, especially the chassis, so much that today it it is seriously considered as a track car. The sixth generation design or simply the “C6”, released in 2006, is purchased is being sold like hot cakes to male customers. Also, the fact that it will not burn a hole in your pocket like a Porshe or a Ferrari interests more buyers. It is currently priced over £61495 in UK..

2. Dodge Magnum: No other car manufacturer had gathered more male fans than Dodge. The Dodge Magnum R/T, the 2006 model is the perfect mixture of German engineering and American design. The Magnum R/T was the first Dodge to feature four-wheel drive. Known for its traction capabilities, the Magnum can be used as an SUV, which is a perfect alternative for those living in tough weather conditions. Though not very fuel efficient, the models with V8 engines deliver acceptable mileage. In US, the price of it is $26,000. Also, closely competing with the magnum are the Charger and Challenger from Dodge, both of which come with slight design modifications.

fashionable cars for men

3. Hummer H3: Owning a hummer is every man’s dream. There is no other car that is as masculine as a Hummer. The design, material used for the body and the engine are made to suit extreme weather conditions and any damages. The Hummer H3 is a towering giant in terms of its looks as well as performance. It is a designed keeping in mind the general usage, unlike its predecessors that came with too many pyrotechnics which made them look like military vehicles. The 5.3 liter V8 engine delivers you superb performance. As for the size of the car, you need to have a parking space for a small truck to keep it. At £26495, it is not very pricey.

4. BMW 5 series: The BMW 5 series is the perfect balance between excellent driving experience and affordable price. The 50 year old legendary series still stands tall today retaining its simple, but elegant design and fuel efficiency. Equipped with a powerful engine that is low on carbon emission, the car deliver you whatever power you demand from it sitting behind the wheel. There are 3 variants namely Sedan, Tourismo and Coupe in this series – all have the same basic features with minor variables. All of them are priced in UK for around £30,000.

5. Buggati Veyron: Touted as the most expensive and fastest car in the world, the Buggati Veyron held the Guiness World Record for the fastest car on the planet at 408 kilometers/hour. The Veyron fares equally well in terms of styling and comfort. Priced at $7 million, it is not what everyone can buy, but is one of the most fashionable cars ever made.
My personal favorite is the Dodge Charger, which impressed me long time back, even before I went for a provisional driving license application.

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