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Monsoon is not any doubt fun and superb season to get pleasure from hot tea and wafers with friends but it comes with several drawbacks conjointly and hair fall is one in every of them. Few tips that may assist you to stay your hair healthy in monsoon:

Wash your hair often with a gentle shampoo, Hair and scalp ought to be kept clean. So, laundry frequently with a mild shampoo will get rid of oily and limp hair.

Protect your hair from obtaining wet within the rains and never tie wet hair. In case it’s wet try and dry it as soon as potential. Long hair wants additional care if wet, because the roots of your hair might decay and manufacture a nasty smell.

monsoon hair

Pollution, suspended particles within the air that return down with the rain, will choose your scalp and create your scalp itchy and result in hair issues. therefore cowl your hair when going out within the rains. attempt to use umbrella or a classy raincoat can’t solely defend your hair however conjointly create a method statement.

Oil your hair each week and cut back the utilization of hair dryers and chemical treatments.

Monsoon may be a unhealthy time for hair and results in every kind of hair issues, the proper length of hair will facilitate ease a number of it. Keep your hair short as a result of that produces it easier to dry and watch out of.

Restrict the utilization of hair merchandise. Use a light shampoo and a mild conditioner. Apply conditioner on the hair shaft rather than the hair root.

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